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It’s funny how God works. He seems to put exactly what we need into our lives at exactly the right moment. Two years ago, life was completely different than it is today. But, I was going through the same Bible study I am now. And yet, it’s still applicable.

You may say – wait – you’re doing the Bible study through Women of the Harvest, right? Yes… but I also have other stuff on the side. Much like I read more than one book at once, I do more than one Bible study at once. Not with the objective of putting myself into every one… Now that just sounds bad. But, I have my “primary” study and then I have the study that I’m re-reading and participating in the small group aspect of, and then I have my personal Bible reading that I do on my own. I hope that doesn’t sound so bad. Moving swiftly along.

Let me start off by telling you some background. Brian and I were married three years ago. Our desire had always been to work with children, probably with an organization based out of Missouri. We thought we’d live in South Dakota for only a few months and then head out to do some more training. But, as those months went by, we felt less and less called to work with that particular organization for many reasons. At the same time, we were heavily involved in the church Brian grew up in and were considering that maybe Brian should do some seminary work in order to be ready to take over as senior pastor when the pastor retires. We’d been asked by pretty much the entire congregation (keep in mind, small church) if we were going to take over the pastorate when the pastor retired. So, we were pretty excited about this possibility. We were also offered the position of live-in managers at the motel I was currently working at. We would live in the motel and have no expenses whatsoever except food and insurance. Brian could do seminary online, we’d finally have similar working hours and see each other, and we could save up some finances. Perfect.

But, all that dwindled away as well. The church we were attending all of a sudden switched some key doctrinal points (like, they stopped preaching from the Word. Hmm..) and we just could not stay. The motel owner just up and sold the motel to the current managers, thus eliminating the need for us to take their position. Now, we were stuck attending a church that, even though we loved it (the new one), we didn’t agree with all their doctrine, either, so we didn’t feel right about becoming members. Not being members meant we could not be involved hardly at all. We felt really stuck. So, we do what all young married couples do. We bought a house.

Two years ago, September 2006, I went to a ladies Bible study where we studied Beth Moore’s “The Patriarchs.” It completely applied to what we were going through then. I had no idea where God was taking us, what He wanted from us, I just knew we needed to keep going. By December 2006, when we finished this study, we had heard the call to Peru and were preparing to put the house up for sale. Now, it’s September 2008, we’re in Pennsylvania, raising support to get to Peru, and this church is doing the same Bible study: “The Patriarchs.”

Today’s lesson was on Sarah giving birth to Isaac. If you read my entry entitled “Ah to be content.” you’d know that I long to be a mother, but that’s just not going to happen soon. So, in that respect, I couldn’t relate at all to Sarah. Looking at it from another vantage point, though, I could relate to her. See, God had promised years ago that He would make Abraham into a great nation. He had to uproot him, move him to a new land, put him through trials and temptations, and then when the end was in sight, he still didn’t know exactly the date Isaac was to be born.

The Lord called me into missions when I was seven. He called Brian when he was 18. He called us as a couple three years ago. We saw it falling into place two years ago. We’ve been raising support to get there for a solid year. We now have no idea when we will actually arrive. We were to arrive the end of this month, but due to lack of support, we’ve had to set a new date. It’s looking more like the beginning of next year, which puts us three months behind… in our minds. The waiting is interminable. But, the end is in sight.

I wonder if Sarah felt that way. She probably didn’t know the day she got pregnant. She probably didn’t know her due date, though she probably had a good guess. She saw the end in sight, but wasn’t sure how it would play out. I mean, she was 90 giving birth for the first time! I’d be nervous, too! The promise is coming to completion, but there’s still some waiting to go. That’s where we’re at. Support Raising is like waiting to give birth. You know the end is in sight, but you don’t know the exact day you’ll go.

Okay, so I might be stretching it a little. I hope that’s all right. Feel free to laugh at me. I just thought it was cool to see God fulfill His promise to Sarah, even though it took 90 years. It’s only been three and I’m starting to get antsy! Guess I have a lot to learn. Nice to know that since He promised He’d provide us, I know He will… in His timing. Whenever that may be.