Welcome to winter in October! It snowed 14″ here Monday night! Pretty, huh?

This week, our small group leader, during our prayer time, suggested we all take five minutes and write a Psalm to God and then share it. Hmmm… The suggestion was on his sheet and we all thought it was kind of hard! Five minutes isn’t very long to pour out your heart in a Psalm! So, we decided it’d kind of be our assignment for next week. I took the next morning during my devo time to write my own Psalm. Here it is. I’m not a poet; this is just what I was feeling at the time.

O Lord, my God, hold me. Hold me close. Hold me near Your heart. I want to feel Your nearness, but I also want to feel Your heartbeat. I want to know what You have for me and how I am to accomplish it. Calm my fears, Lord. Steady my trembling heart. Why am I afraid? I do trust in You. But, I see the waves, God. I see them coming! Stand in front of me so Your view blocks the waves from my sight! Stand behind me so I can lean on You, have Your arms wrapped around me. Stand on either side of me so I can be steady when the waves hit. Hold me. Hold me close. Don’t let me fall. Don’t let me even falter! Be my rock when my world starts to spin. Be my high place when the storm comes raging in. Be my anchor when the waves are overwhelming. Don’t let me move. Hold me close. You are my Abba, my Jehovah-Jireh, my Savior… my God. Make me remember You! Make me never forget how You’ve always taken care of me! Remind me daily of Your goodness. Remind me daily that You are near. Remind me daily that You hold me. Hold me close, my Lord, and m God. Be my peace, my calm, my lighthouse, for You truly are all that I need.