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There it is! The first contract I’ve ever received for the first book I’ve ever written from the first company I ever sent it to.

This is also the first contract I have ever turned down.

Yup, I turned it down. After much thought, prayer, and discussion, I decided not to accept this offer. I talked with a friend who edits and writes for another large publishing company and she adviced to not accept it. She has also offered a plethora of advice on how to make my manuscript even better for the next time I send it anywhere. First on my agenda is rewriting the prologue, so I might do a giant overhaul and when I do, I’ll repost it so I can get your opinions on it.

But, for now, the excitement of getting accepted (and receiving such high praise) is over. It may never get accepted again and I need to start being okay with that! At least this was a stepping stone.

The other big rollercoaster this week was, obviously, the election. I am actually surprised that it affected me so minimally. I really thought I’d be more passionate about the results, but I’m not. I knew Obama was going to win, so that didn’t surprise me at all. Am I disappointed? Yes. If you read my post on the election, you know why. Am I impressed with America? Absolutely. We’ve come a long, long ways. Regardless of your stance on how this turned out, I agree with another friend of mine – we must applaude our President-elect for coming so far and making history. His story really proves that in America, you can do anything. We are a great country!

I am embarrassed for our Christian community, I will say, though. As much as I don’t think America will look the same in four years as it does now, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I don’t believe Jesus is coming back any sooner than He would have if McCain had been elected. I actually look at this as more of an opportunity for Christians than anything. We already know he is going to let the government fund abortions again. He will probably work to enable “civil unions” in all fifty states, or something to that equivalent eventually. And yes, there’s a good chance some of our religious freedoms that we enjoy will change somewhat. So, what’s our role in this administration?

I believe our role is to live even more Christ-like lives than we have been. My uncle said once that if the church was doing its job, we wouldn’t need to worry about a politician working to stop abortions or keep marriage between a man and a woman. That’s our job as believers; not the government’s. Let’s set an example and stop protesting the new President-elect and just continue to spread the Gospel. Worrying about what he will or won’t do is not going to save our country. Spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ, on the other hand, will preserve our country for generations to come, just like it has all these years.

We’ve lost our battleground, people, to a society that is getting increasingly immoral. Let’s win it back! But, let’s do it in a way that’s honorable, reputable, and not dispicable and laughable to the unsaved community. The more we fuss and fight and get mad about the election results, the more they’re going to laugh at us and not want to hear what we have to say.

If David could honor the man who spent most of his life trying to kill him, we can honor our new President. God has put him there for a reason. He’s also made us citizens of the United States for a reason. Respect the office; stand your ground; live for the Lord. God never promised us it’ll be easy. He just promised He wouldn’t leave us. Let’s leave a legacy for our children to follow, regardless of where our country ends up in the next hundred years.

Ah, the rollercoaster of life. Hang on… the ride gets bumpy really fast!!