This morning in ladies Bible study, we did something I’d never done before that I thought was pretty cool. We went through the alphabet and for every letter, threw out an attribute/characteristic/personality trait of God. I thought it’d be fun to do that here, but I was hoping that you would help me finish the list. I’ll do the first few letters of the alphabet and then see if anybody fills in some more ~ preferably in order, but do as many attributes per letter as you’d like and do as many letters as you’d like. If you have attributes for the letters I do, feel free to add them as well! Let’s see how long we can make this list…

A: Awesome

B: Bears our sorrows

C: Compassionate

D: Deliverer

E: Eternally the same

F: Faithful

G: Gracious

H: Healer

I: Invincible

J: giver of JOY

K: Kind

L: Loving

M: Merciful

Your turn! Add your alphabet letters to your comment!