Summer is upon us. Well, upon some of us. It’s winter here, so I’m not really talking about me. Summer is upon some of YOU, then. Anyway. It’s late. I’m moving on now. With summer (or YOUR summer…) comes one of my biggest pet peeves. This is my blog…I decided with my political rant last year that I can rant about what I want and if you guys don’t like it, you can start your own blog. 

Anywho. My current rant: Christian girls in bikinis. Facebook is currently filled with pictures of Christian girls hanging out in pools, on boats, on beaches – all scantily clad in bikinis. These are the same girls that would freak out if you saw them in their underwear and yet, they are willing to post pictures on the internet of themselves hanging out with friends wearing swimwear that I can guarantee covers less than most suitable pairs of undies. These are the same, single girls who complain about getting no respect from guys, who complain about guys treating them as objects, and who are constantly going through boyfriends and never getting married. Hmm. Why are they confused again? Whatever happened to modesty? I don’t like bathing suits to begin with – never have, even when I had the body for them. I just always felt like they were SO revealing. Now, bathing suits have gotten smaller and smaller and yet somehow, Christian girls look at them and go, “Now hey, here’s something I’ll wear to the beach next week.” What?? I don’t get it.

I know the Bible doesn’t specifically say what our dress code as women should be, but Scripture does talk about our beauty being from the inside and NOT to be jewelry and fancy hair. It also talks about God looking at the inside of a person, not the outside. Our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. If you think about what that alone means, you’d realize that the Temple was ornately adorned, well taken care of, and treated with the utmost respect and purity. We’re also told to be different from the world – to be IN it, but not OF it. None of these things are new. I just feel like none of it matters anymore. “Inner beauty” is always tossed aside like something the Amish believe, but not something the modern Christian needs to worry about. In fact, if you tell a teenage girl that she’s beautiful on the inside, you’re liable to get slapped anymore. Telling young girls to respect their bodies is nigh unto telling them they’re too young to use the computer.

But, it’s SO frustrating. It’s even worse when you know the girls are youth leaders or children’s teachers in church. Here are girls that are supposed to be leading the next generation to follow the Lord and yet, on weekends, they’re out with their guy friends, dressed like sluts, taking inappropriate pictures and posting them on the internet, and then complaining about not having a true relationship that lasts longer than a Mento. Oh, it truly, truly bothers me.

Even when I was in Bible school, they would have talks with the girls about how they dressed. The main reason they discussed it with us so much was because men are so incredibly visual that even the most innocent of fashionable outfits can cause problems for them. A lot of the girls just plain refused to understand and still dressed questionably, even to class. Our professors always hated it when girls wore short skirts, sat in the back up on the platform, so they had to look up to them… you get the idea. Not cool. Yet, it didn’t seem to affect so many of them. They were more worried about their own appearance than safe-guarding the minds of their Christian brothers.

So… that’s it. I wish I had a solution. I think the only real solution is the Holy Spirit doing some major convicting. In cultural training, we talked about how it’s not up to us to convict of sin because you never know what sins are more urgent to be convicted of. What may appear to us to be something that needs to be changed right away might be lower on the list of things God wants to fix immediately because, like I said earlier, God looks at the heart, not the outside. So, as much as I’d like SO many of these girls to alter their outward appearance during these summer months, it’s not up to me. Maybe there’s other issues God has to fix first and how somebody dresses is further down the list. Thankfully, that’s up to Him, not me.

Now if only I can just let it go… and block these people from Brian’s facebook so he doesn’t look at his friends in skimpy bikinis…