Goodness. How come time never flew this fast when I was a child? Fastest year on record, hands down. Probably the most interesting in a long time, too. Can’t believe it’s already time to enjoy the final week of the year.

I am thankful for…

  • The fact that my dad came through surgery just fine. He is recovering well and even preached yesterday! I talked to him a lot this weekend and he sounded genuinely happy and healthy. Praise the Lord!
  • The dreary weather we had here over Christmas. It somehow helped it feel more like back home even though I still wore capris and a short-sleeve shirt. But, I was able to close all the blinds downstairs and turn on Christmas lights and feel like it was somewhat chilly outside.
  • Being able to spend Christmas Eve with friends. It was relaxed and enjoyable and we truly felt comfortable at their house for supper. Brian even conversed well in Spanish; so proud of him!
  • Being able to recreate homemade dishes and even have them taste almost better than usual (probably because we don’t get them anymore!). I have to admit, I will have a hard time going back to boxed/canned/frozen anything when or if we ever live in the States again.
  • Being able to talk with my entire family Christmas Day and the day after. Out of all of them, talking with my brother was probably the best. He was genuinely sweet and loving and about made me cry when we got off the phone. I miss him.
  • For my dear husband who gave me one of the most amazing Christmases ever. Story to follow.
  • For my Lord and Savior Who stepped into time to be born as a baby, live as a man, and die for my sins.

Last year, the week before Christmas, we did something that broke my heart. We traded my piano for a computer. I wish I could do one of those cool links where you can click HERE and go to my blog post about it from last December, but I still don’t know how to do that (Becky, email me! 🙂 ). Anyway, it was a tough decision, but we finally decided that there was no feasible way to bring my keyboard down to Peru. Probably one of the best decisions we made, but still the hardest for me for sentimental reasons.

You probably know where this is going, but let me at least tell you the story behind how it happened.

Brian had been looking apparently for awhile now for my Christmas gift. But, full-size keyboards are extremely hard to come by in Peru. Apparently, if you own one, it’s because you want to be a professional. So, he was having a hard time finding one and then, finding one in his price range. Finally, someone suggested Peruvian e-bay. My husband loves, loves, loves e-Bay and was ecstatic to use Peruvian e-Bay. He finally found ONE, contacted the person, and then waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he heard that yes, they would probably sell it. So, he and a friend drove two and a half hours to meet them. The guy wasn’t home. His wife said to come back in an hour. They killed time for an hour and then called. He said he wasn’t selling anymore. They went back to talk with him and he said his uncle wants to buy it. Sorry. Brian was m-a-d. Such a waste of time. But, they traded phone numbers and said to call if he changed his mind. Just to see what would happen, they drove away for a few minutes and then called and offered more money. He finally said yes. So, they turned around, went back, and finally purchased my piano.

Isn’t it pretty?

The even more amazing part – it’s a step UP from the one I had back in the States!

Brian had me open a couple pieces of the stand and all the nuts and bolts. I had a slight inkling, but no real idea he had actually found a piano. When he led me upstairs and showed it to me, I could not stop crying. It was so pretty.

To me, it was a Christmas miracle. Music is so much more to me than a past-time. It’s part of who I am. Whenever I want to spend time worshiping the Lord or get away by myself or vent my frustration or express joy – my piano is where I go. To not have that for a year was really hard. Especially somewhere where I really needed that escape. Brian really outdid himself. God is so gracious. He had His hand in the whole finding/purchasing ordeal.

Just reminds me again, “How much more?” Brian was going to get me one with 61 keys. God provided one fit for a concert. How much more? So much more than I could ever ask or dream.

I feel so blessed and so loved. Even though we were a long ways from family, it was still such a wonderful Christmas.

So, now to look ahead. If 2009 was this good and this different and this… crazy! … what in the WORLD will 2010 be like?!