I handed a book to my 9th grader to read over the summer. It’s all about sci-fi future stuff. Occurring in 2010. Ha! We need to update our library!

Thankful list for this first Monday of the New Year:

  • Good friends. Understanding friends.
  • A new year.
  • New opportunities.

Short list. Sorry.

We leave tomorrow evening. We’ll be gone a month. Mixed emotions. I’m one that likes being HOME. I don’t like the thought of being gone, living in someone else’s home, with 20+ people, for a month. But, I like who we’re going with and Brian will be there; I think it’ll be okay. It’s just getting there that’s… tiresome to think about. We are spending the night with friends tomorrow so we can be halfway to the airport so we can leave early Wednesday morning to make our 9am flight. I’m notorious for getting motion sick; I’m not looking forward to early morning travel. But, we’ll be in the jungle by 11am. Pray everything goes okay. We’ll get home exactly a month from now – February 6. Check our ministry blog for updates, if we have time. http://www.brianlisabiegert.wordpress.com

Appreciate your prayers! There’s just a lot going on this month and a lot of issues to get resolved the very first day we get there. It never fails – where the Lord is going to do a great work, Satan tries to get in beforehand and render it ineffective… before it even gets going. Pray for our team. Pray for my husband as he builds and leads. God will be glorified whether we’re in the way or not.

See you… in a month probably!

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Well, today begins 2010. A new decade? Already? Not sure I’m ready for that.

In the year 2000, I was —

16. I was still in high school, messing around with life, no real plans for the future. I was finally popular and enjoying every minute of the attention I was getting from boys. I had two jobs. I was busy trying to figure out how dating a 23 year old would be a good thing. Wow. That was a long time ago.

In 2001, I went to Peru for the first time. I originally thought that yes, I would come back – no doubt about it. But, then everything changed. My family moved to Canada and I spent the latter half of 2001 studying French.

Spring of 2002, I had my first real love. Broke my heart (don’t they always?). Fall of 2002 brought my first year at New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin. Really good year. Six roommates. Amazing classes. Good – GREAT – friendships. I liked that fall.

Spring of 2003, I had my medical scare with my thyroid. Long story short, the Lord provided medical help exactly when I needed it. I watched Him provide “so much more” for really the first time in my life. Changed my entire outlook. I spent that summer re-evaluating my life and I gave my idea of “love” back to my true First Love. That fall, I met Brian.

2004, I finished Bible School, got engaged, stood with my sister while she got married, and worked in a gas station 12 hours from Brian.

2005 – my dream wedding to the man of my dreams. Probably one of my favorite years ever, even though it included moving 24 hours from my family and friends to the “foreign land” of South Dakota.

2006 – work. Life as a Mrs. Waiting to see where in the world God would finally take us since all our plans kept falling through. Bought a house! Got two cats and a dog. Felt like life was finally looking normal.

2007 – Sold the house. Gave up the “normal” for the life of a missionary nomad. Moved back across the country and started raising support for moving to another country. Stood up with my brother, the man who swore to be forever single, as he got married to the woman of his dreams.

2008 – lots and lots of support raising and travel. Weeks at the Center for Intercultural Training that gave us some of the best friends we’ve ever met and provided us with invaluable information. One wonderful Christmas with my entire family – a week I’ll never, ever forget. It was just that good.

And now, 2009. We drove across the States one more time. Have traveled to the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountains, the jungle, and the desert – without leaving Peru. Built a house. Learned a good deal of Spanish. Taught school. Learned some sign language. Interacted with Bible school students. Gotten sick so often I’ve lost track. Made wonderful, life-long friends who finally have the same goals we do.

Yup, a good year. Crazy decade. Amazing how much things change in 10 lowly years. My honest expectations for the next 10 years?

–I’d love to be a mom of 4. Honestly. That would fill our house just perfectly. I think, by far, that is goal #1. I am now officially one of only four people I know who do not have children or are pregnant. I can honestly say… it sucks. Not quite the way I wanted to close out this first decade of 2000. But, God’s timing has been perfect thus far. I have no reason to NOT trust Him in this aspect as well. But, can I just say — the hole is getting bigger and I’d love for it to get filled before I have to hear another friend go, “Wow, we got pregnant so fast!” =P

–I expect us to stay in Peru for this decade. I don’t expect to go anywhere besides furloughs. I want my school to become a place where the kids get just as good an education as if they were “outside.” I want to see them graduate and go on to bigger and better things. I want them to serve the Lord, however He calls them to.

–I expect us to learn Spanish like old pros. I would love to be teaching, conversing, counseling in Spanish with little to no difficulty. I’d like for it to become where I can read it, watch it, hear it, dream it… I pray the same for my husband.

–I would love to see us start some sort of outreach to the pregnant women in our area. Some sort of training, education, aid to these women who desperately need somewhere to go.

–I hope our Children’s Home finally opens. On top of that, I hope we can figure out how adoption will work and be able to bring home a child even in the next year or so, regardless of whether or not I get pregnant.

–I would love for more of my writing to get published or seen somehow. I have no idea how that will work. But, it’d sure be nice.

So, here we are. This is the year the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad in it! Happy New Year, everyone!

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