The Weekend.

Well, I can honestly say this weekend was a complete bust. I woke up yesterday feeling fine, but then my dear husband made pancakes…and it all went downhill from there. I thought I liked pancakes. I mean, they’re not my favorite and what I wouldn’t give for a waffle these days… but anyway – I don’t like pancakes anymore. I didn’t ‘lose’ them per se, but it’s not for lack of will. My poor husband. He tried so hard to make me a nice breakfast that wasn’t just toast only to find out that toast is apparently all I can stomach in the mornings anymore.

That began one awful weekend. Whatever was in those normal pancakes caused my stomach to rebel like there’s no tomorrow, for a good 48 hours. I hardly pulled myself out of bed yesterday, only to collapse on the couch downstairs for two hours, crawl back upstairs, and stay put until Sunday afternoon. Didn’t sleep most of the night and woke up still nauseous. Is this normal?! I sure hope it ends.

My husband actually had a vehicle to go to church this morning, but he was instructed to go to first service, which means he had to leave at 8:30. I was barely mobile at 8, so I couldn’t join him. This means I have officially not been to church in over a month. I cried when he left. He walked over, kissed me on the forehead, and whispered, “Just remember why you’re sick.”

How come I’ve been praying for this for years and now that I’m pregnant, I’m miserable? The last thing I want to do is complain, so I’ll just state the fact. I’m so sick. I thought I was pulling out of it, but then I have days like these where I’m just plain miserable. I have nausea medicine from the doctor, but a limited supply and I’d rather not get dependent on it, if that’s possible. I know this will end. I pray this will end. I just also pray this isn’t a sign of what kind of mom I’ll be.

On the very plus side, my husband is an angel. He makes me breakfast. He makes me dinner. Today he even made me lunch. He does the dishes. He sprays for spiders (which is an every-other-day thing here or we get infested) because I don’t think I should be inhaling that stuff anymore. He lets me cry and doesn’t get upset. **I do have to interrupt this… he just asked if I needed anything, somewhat sarcastically. Me: “Actually, I would love an apple, but it needs to be washed in purified water, peeled, and cored, with a little peanut butter on the side.” Brian: “How ’bout I don’t peel it and I wash it in regular water and dry it off?” Me: “That wouldn’t work.” Brian: “It’s the same as our dishes! You’ll be fine.” Me: “Will you put peanut butter on the side?” Brian: “To be honest, I was kidding. I’ve done a lot for you today!” He is currently downstairs getting me my apple. Am I married to a great guy or what? 🙂 And yes, there’s a small, tiny chance I manipulated that just a bit. But you didn’t hear the other conversation we’d just had. Trust me, I was justified. 😉 **

This week, I am determined to be productive. I have finished my Bible lesson outlines and picked out the memory verses. I have gone over the Kindergarten material and feel about as prepared as possible. I have decided the discipline/reward system and now just need to figure out how to make it. My house is clean; I’m caught up on laundry. There’s actually not a ton left that I need to do, either at home or in the school. Brian got the wall approved and will be getting the materials hopefully this week and that will become priority for a short while. Ah, things are finally coming together. I just need to drag myself down to the school and do some cleaning and re-arranging, some spider hunting, and some organizing. bleck. I don’t want to. Which is probably a good reason why it’s not done yet.

I did something tonight I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I sent something I wrote to get edited! Women of the Harvest (a great, online resource for North American missionary women overseas… insert link here…wish I knew how to do that. Becky.) has a Writer’s Blog and the lady writing right now has offered a FREE edit! I think what I sent is was a little long, but everything I have is “a little long.” We’ll see how it goes and if she decides to look at it. I’ve put aside my dreams of getting published for the time being since I haven’t concentrated on my writing in quite awhile. Months, actually. But ONE DAY. I will be published.

I did some online window shopping yesterday while I was laid up. Found the diaper bag I want. Brian, however, is not fully convinced. I want one that looks cool and non-diaper-bag-ish. If we were in South Dakota, I know exactly where I’d get mine and it would be completely unique. But, alas, in South Dakota we are not and what few friends we have there don’t communicate with us, so I’m afraid that won’t happen. SO, I looked on etsy and found this:

The ICKY bag

Now, this particular design, I’m not too fond of, but they have lots of other cute pictures and colors to choose from. What I LOVE is that it’s completely waterproof, machine washable, sturdier than vinyl, mildew proof, and large. So many cool, handmade diaper bags are not machine washable or waterproof and since we’ll be using cloth diapers, I think we’ll need some extra water-proofing. Check out the link and let me know what you think:[]=tags&includes[]=title

No, I’m not done shopping and Brian announced tonight he wants, and I quote, “a duffel bag.” I informed him, politely of course, that we are not getting a duffel bag for our first diaper bag for our first child. I’m carrying it for nine (LOOONG) months. I get a cute diaper bag. I think that’s fair.

So, can you believe the news from Chile??? We live twenty minutes from the ocean (can see it from our bedroom window) and we were told this morning it had receded 25 meters. That’s quite a ways. As far as we know tonight, nothing (or at least nothing substantial) has come of it. I would’ve loved to have gone and seen the ocean pulled that far out, but I couldn’t. Peru was taken off the tsunami warning list earlier today, I believe, so we should be fine. Brian was saying tonight that if Chile gets any worse, there’s a good chance we’ll send a team down there to help since BCM Peru is the closest BCM to Chile. I told him I’d want him to go. Our director leaves for furlough on Tuesday, so I’m not sure if anybody will be going to Chile while he’s gone, but you never know. And it’s just talk…among the two of us. For now, we’re just keeping the people of Chile in our prayers. Peru and Chile are almost like arch-enemies (for some rather political, logical reasons), but tomorrow, the first, will be a national day of mourning here in Peru as a sign of solidarity with the Chilean people. I thought that was interesting.

I think this blog has been full of enough random info for one night. See you tomorrow for Thankful Monday!

To My Speck.

I saw you today for the first time.

So tiny. Not even the size of the end of my pinky. So incredibly tiny.

The doctor said you’re not a baby yet. I’d have to wait for two more weeks before I’d know if I was truly pregnant. She said you’re just a “thing” growing in my uterus.

I know better.

When I saw you, I didn’t see a speck. I saw a tiny little baby, planted by God Himself. You literally look like God placed you right into my body. Your father and I had nothing to do with it. God made you. And He gave you to us.

I keep thinking about how God has said that He has written down our times “when as yet there were none.” He knows who you will be, what you will do, what you will look like, when you will rebel against us, and when you will make the decision to accept Him as your Savior. He knew you and everything about you before we even knew you existed.

God has carefully formed you. At this moment, when the doctor thinks that you’re just a “thing”, you have everything you need to grow into an adult. Nothing will be added. Nothing will be taken away. You are complete. Perfectly whole. Exactly how God wants you to be. All you need to do now is grow.

So, grow, my little one. Grow to be who God wants you to be. Grow to be a healthy little human being. Grow carefully. Grow safely. We’ll protect you.

We love you so much more than we could express. We’ve prayed for you, my tiny one. We’ve prayed so hard. But, we realize, now more than ever, that you are not ours to hold onto. You are a precious gift from God that we gladly give back to Him so He can use you however He wants.

Oh, my tiny one, I can’t wait to see you. To hold you. To give you a name and tell you about this wonderful, marvelous God that took the time to make you. He loves you more than we do. You are so precious. So, so special.

Grow, my tiny one. We’ll see you very soon.


Mommy and Daddy

February 4, 2010

Baby Biegert, Week 7

Good Morning, Life.

This morning, I’m thankful for…

  • My bed. While in Iquitos, we slept on a paper-thin mattress that had six boards underneath. It barely fit the two of us and we felt every board for that entire month. I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed lately with not feeling well and I’m so thankful that my bed is comfortable!
  • My husband who encourages me when days get rough.
  • Being able to finish all the Bible lessons last week. Now to just do some finishing touches and I’ll be done!
  • The Beth Moore “Daniel” study that was lent to me a few months ago. I was doing it with friends, but our schedules have not coincided for months and I needed something, so I picked it back up. I’ll gladly redo the video sessions with them if we ever find time. But for now, it’s been just what I need.
  • Sermons online for days we can’t get to church.
  • Interesting blogs from people I at least know OF… gives me great reading and inspiration.

Today begins a new week. Did not have a good night again last night. Fell asleep around 5am, so I’m pretty wiped today. Still haven’t felt good most of the morning, but it seems to be going away ever so slightly. I’m planning on chilling, working on stuff on the computer, and sleeping when I feel I need to. It’s a beautiful day; I wish I could do my sitting and chilling outside, but there’s nowhere to do that right now.

Today also begins the last week of summer camp and the last week of VBS. Not that we have much to do with either of those right now except praying for them. Not sure how many kids are supposed to come to camp, but I know the first VBS this week is saying there will be 200+ kids. They’ll teach half in the mornings and half in the afternoons. They’ve had a busy summer of VBS and I guess things have gone really well – great attendance, good lessons, etc. Camps have gone well, too, but I know everyone involved in camp is exhausted and ready for a break.

After this week, cleaning begins. The whole campus will get cleaned from top to bottom before Bible school begins the end of March. That’s A LOT of work. Brian will be in charge of making sure it all gets done. The list is huge. We’ll see how it goes!

And then school starts around March 15. I say “around” because one family keeps saying they won’t be here March 15, but then the other spouse says, “We’ll be back March 14 and you can start whenever you want!” So, I have no idea. We’ll start when we start, I guess. It’s coming soon either way.

So, good morning, life! I’m glad you’re here. You keep me busy.

Ah, Jimmy Choo.

For some reason, for years now, I’ve promised myself that one day, I would own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

I like the ones in the picture. Brian calls them hooker shoes. But, he calls everything hooker shoes, so I no longer care about his opinion. 😉

I looked up the Jimmy Choo website and it said it automatically figured out my currency. They put me in euros. Peruvian Nuevo Soles are not euros. By any stretch of the imagination. Just imagine what the exchange rate would be since it’s basically three soles to the dollar right now. Jimmy Choos are incredibly expensive. I no longer think I’ll be getting any, at least not on our salary, any time soon. But, it’s a nice dream.

Looking at the Jimmy Choo stuff and then reading blogs about simple life on ranches made me start being quite contemplative. I thought looking at Jimmy Choos would make me discontent. Instead, it made me happy to have the life I do. I’ve been reading a lot of design blogs recently, too, and even though I love them and I think they have a lot of amazingly beautiful ideas – none of them will ever happen in my home. And yet, it doesn’t depress me. It makes me quite satisfied with what I do have.

So, what do I have? Nothing designer, but I do have…

*I’ve been trying to upload pictures and nothing is working, so you’ll have to just deal with word pictures. Third World internet, what can I say?*

  • a beautiful, red bathroom that reminds of all the colors of fall. I don’t know when/if I’ll ever experience a true Northern Hemisphere fall again (my favorite time of year), so I love that my bathroom has all those colors in it.
  • unique coffeetable and end tables. Never seen anything like them and they were custom-made. Dark wood, glass tops; I love them.
  • nice countertops that, believe it or not, match my sister’s countertops in Vermont. They make my kitchen look finished, even though I still don’t have cabinet doors. They’re just so pretty.
  • four new pairs of sandals from Brazil. They may not be Jimmy Choos, but how many people can say they got Brazilian sandals for $5 while in the jungle? And they’re unique and cool and lightweight and pretty… they may even be better than Jimmy Choos, especially since my husband doesn’t think of them as hooker shoes!
  • the prettiest hammock on the market. This I’ll have to get a picture of for you. We’re still trying to find hooks so we can hang it up. I’d rather not hang it up in my living room because our house is filled with children during the year and it’s not a toy, but I’m afraid it’d get used like a toy. It’s brown, lightweight material with pretty, white flowers woven through it and white braided rope that it hangs on. Brian found it in a street market in Iquitos for the equivalent of about $10 and it’s like no other hammock I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to hang it up and just lounge in it, reading and sleeping… ah, bliss.

Maybe I won’t ever own my Jimmy Choos. Maybe I’m not “Susie Home Maker” and I can’t sew my own clothes and purses or can food and grind wheat. But, I like my life. I like what God has blessed me with and I’m content even though I don’t have…

~finished floors. We walk on plywood still because we just can’t quite seem to raise enough to finish our floors. Someday, we’d like to put tile or something down. Hopefully within the next few months.

~curtains on the upstairs windows. We actually have curtains for one room, but have never found rods, so we haven’t hung them up yet. Our bedroom has a borrowed curtain strung up with a wire, on one window. I’d like to get curtains, but again, we need to be able to afford them.

~our own furniture. Almost everything is borrowed except a few choice items. I’d like a sectional sofa; I think it’d fit our downstairs perfectly. They are somewhat affordable, but again, we need the funds. Right now, our seating consists of five chairs that Brian needs to work on fixing and a loveseat-type couch that’s borrowed. Not very conducive to guests. Our living room looks… empty.

~screens on my windows. We’re getting bombarded with bugs at night and birds in the morning. It’s frustrating to hang my laundry up to dry, inside, upstairs, and still end up with bird doo on them. Brian bought the screen. Now if he could just find time to build the frames and install them.

~cable. I know that’s trivial, but I would love to get local (and international) news… and watch Rachael Ray. I know, superficial again, but she was really the only talk show I enjoyed(NOT her cooking show… sorry, but her talking to herself gets obnoxious)  and I love duplicating her recipes with cheaper (more normal) ingredients.

~Nutella. You ever had Nutella? If you haven’t, you should. It’s hazelnut, chocolate goodness that you can spread on bread. A staple in Montreal. For some reason, I’ve been craving Nutella like there’s no tomorrow. I saw it sitting on top of the fridge in an episode of “Friends” this week and that’s all I can think about. Then I saw it on a blog featuring a recipe by Giada… pound cake with Nutella and strawberries, cookied like a panini. WOW. I think I just drooled a little.

There’s a taste of life in Peru. The things we have, the things we don’t have, the things we live without. Regardless of this entire blog, though, the good and the bad – I must admit, I’ve never been more content in my life.

Jimmy Choos or no Jimmy Choos, furniture or no furniture, I am where God put me and I am glad to be here.

Thursday Already?

This has been probably the least productive week of my life. I don’t know if it’s because I just have so much to do or if it’s because I’ve truly been unproductive. I think it’s both. I haven’t been feeling well. I haven’t slept a whole night in over a month. Wait, take that back. Two nights ago, I slept most of the night, but my husband said I kept waking up complaining of spiders crawling over me (my normal phobia when I’m over-tired). I’m tired. I have a lot to do and less than a month to do it in. sigh.

So, here’s my “to do list” for now until March 14. If you feel the urge to fly to Peru and help out, I’d be more than happy to put you up in my spare bedroom! 🙂

  • Finish writing Bible lessons – I have about 7 left for the miracles of Jesus, which really only covers the first month or so of school. I would’ve liked to have written Bible lessons for the whole first semester (til August), but that’s not going to happen.
  • Find memory verses to coordinate with each week of Bible lessons.
  • Organize the Bible lessons so that maybe they take up more than one day each, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. Some miracles just don’t take long to teach.
  • Finish reading through the new Kindergarten material and get really familiar with how each day will run so I’m incredibly prepared.
  • Figure out lesson plans for the first two weeks of school for my older kids. We’ll be doing English review and I want it to be interesting, fun, and, preferably, advanced so they’re both fully prepared for a year of English work after a summer of no English whatsoever.
  • Decide on some kind of discipline/reward system for my Kindergartners and get the visuals made. I am not by any stretch of the imagination artistic, so this will have to be done by a friend. Or a computer. We can get large banners printed for next to nothing as long as we design them ourselves. That’s the plan… if I can figure out what in the world I want to do.
  • Get a wall built in the classroom (which is really much more my husband than myself) and decide if we’re going to have a storage room in there with an outside entrance for non-school materials (other ministries store things in the school right now and it’s a HUGE distraction when they come in to get their stuff during school hours, not to mention it makes the school look messy pretty much constantly) or if everybody will store their stuff elsewhere.
  • Clean the classroom! Get rid of the millions upon millions of spiders living in desks, walls, and storage cabinets. Wash the curtains and rehang them. Figure out how to set up the classroom since we’ll have three new students.
  • Decorate! Preferably after the wall is built.

I think that about covers it. There’s organizing and doing inventory and making some kind of card catalog for the books, but thankfully, a friend will be doing that for me in March when she gets here. Brian will be helping with some of this, especially the building. I have another friend who’s artistic and good at coming up with stuff on the computer, so she can help with decorations, etc. Our team here will be doing cleaning around campus during the month of March, so hopefully the school will get cleaned thoroughly then and I won’t have to deal with the millions of spiders alone.

The list is do-able. It’s just doing it that, well, it just tires me out thinking about it. I love my job and I feel so fulfilled doing it, but right now, I think I need a nap. Just pray I’m ready for school by mid-March! Time is going much too fast at the moment.


There are just about a million things I’d like to blog about these days, but I have to wait. Grr. I’m not a patient person. Waiting is not my strong point. And it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of it in the days to come…

I haven’t done a “Grateful Monday” since the beginning of January! We had no internet by mid-morning yesterday, so I wasn’t able to do it yesterday, either. So, here’s yet another addition of “Grateful Tuesday.” 🙂

  • Warm weather. I love summer. It’s just about perfect here.
  • Being home and having it feel like home.
  • My caring, compassionate, sincere, patient husband who puts up with me when I know he doesn’t have to.
  • New pots and pans~ just in time, too, since I learned the hard way to never, ever forget about your black beans while you’re hydrating them. Woops.
  • Cheesecake for the first time in almost two years. Oh, how I’ve missed thee! And the cream cheese was on sale!
  • My brand new, adorable niece, Charlotte Elizabeth. I wish I had a picture to show you. She was born February 4th to my big brother, Shawn, and beautiful wife, Britany. She has a visible blonde hairline and looks like SUCH a Ribble (my side of the family). My brother is such a proud daddy…makes me want to cry every time I see a picture of him snuggling with his two girls. We’ll meet Charlotte in December when we go to the States for our first furlough. Yay!
  • Good news. Amazing news. News I wish I could share but can’t. Just know~ it’s good. And it’s coming soon.

I’m still working on lesson plans for the Bible classes I teach during the school year. I will be teaching my 8th grader and my 3rd grader the same Bible lessons. That’s quite the age difference, making this doubly as challenging. I decided to do the first part of the year on the miracles of Jesus. I didn’t realize how deeply these miracles would impact me, personally. I’ve learned so much! I’m tempted to put them into a devotional book because I’ve just learned so much and would love to share it all.

There are two things that have struck me the most.

  1. Jesus’ compassion was unbelievable. I’ve noticed that He did a lot of miracles involving only children – the only son of the widow that He raised to life; the only daughter of Jairus; the only son that was demon-possessed after the Transfiguration. It’s recorded multiple times that Jesus “looked on them with compassion.” To me, I picture Him looking at the people and being so compelled to do something for them, that’s all He could think about. Have you met people like that? I have. They’re rare, but they exist. Here in Peru, we have beggars galore and it literally rips my heart out when we walk past them and don’t do anything. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that most of them are working for someone and the kids are 99% always a hoax. But still. I want to do something, but can’t. Jesus looked at the people and I just picture His heart melting. He had to do something! I wish I had that kind of true compassion.
  2. Jesus never tired of people. We live on a campus where people come to our house constantly, at all hours of the day and night. We’ve had people yell our names at midnight and then again at six in the morning. People can drive me nuts, to be honest. Sometimes I just need time away – not even to do anything – just to get away. Yet as I read Jesus’ life, there are so many times when Jesus would be getting away to pray – to honestly spend time with His Father (much needed time) – and He was interrupted. Not by a few random people, but by a multitude! And then He’d spend the next few days ministering to them before He got another break. It wasn’t like He could go home and shut the door. He had no home. He had nowhere to hide from the multitudes. And yet, when they came, He never once asked them to leave. He met their needs, He taught, He loved on them – even when He was sleep-deprived, needing time with His Father, weary, and travel-worn. Can you even begin to imagine how busy those few years of ministry were?? I can’t. As a missionary, I need time away from the people I work with and minister to and when it’s not possible, I feel like I’m going to crack. There is just so much I can learn from Jesus and His genuine love for people.

This is just a taste of what I’m learning as I go through these miracles. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sharing more thoughts because I’ve just learned so much! I’m anxious to teach my kids and see how it changes their lives this school year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We didn’t make it to church… lack of transportation and not feeling well yet again added up. But, we had a nice day together. Brian got me this adorable puppy (we’re still trying to replace my Gunther) and the balloon. I made an amazing cheesecake ~ a tradition in our house. It turned out really well and I’m so glad I brought my Pampered Chef cheesecake molds with me. I didn’t have graham crackers, but I did have fiber crackers flavored with honey and they turned out good. Brian found me Philly Cream Cheese. What more could I ask for? Even though we don’t own a mixer anymore and I had to do all the mixing by hand, it still turned out decadent! 🙂 We love our cheesecake, what can I say?

This was our first Valentine’s Day in warm weather. I remember one year, we were basically snowed in in South Dakota. Here, we wore shorts and ate burgers and potato salad! Lovely… just lovely. Although I miss the romance of snow, I love the warmth here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Bible.

When we lived in South Dakota the first year, we lived in a tiny apartment. The lady a few doors down from us took some getting used to. We learned she had some skin issues, so most of her skin was patchy and red, if it was there at all. She was the tiniest, skinniest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. She didn’t smell good and her apartment smelled worse.

Over time, we began to realize she was incredibly lonely. We would make a point of always greeting her until one day, she finally greeted us. We brought her a plate of goodies for Christmas and she told us that would be her only Christmas gift that year. That’s when I knew she needed a friend. We brought her flowers for Valentine’s Day and she cried. I began making a point of conversing with her on a regularly basis… and that’s when we found out she was an alcoholic. Not a closet alcoholic or social drinker alcoholic. An alcoholic who was told by her doctor that her liver was shutting down and she had just a couple months to live if she didn’t quit.

I began spending more time with her. I’ve never met anyone who was more hopeless. No family. No friends. No job. Just her cigarettes, her TV, and and her alcohol. Her skin was literally wasting away. Her hair was falling out. She hadn’t bathed in probably months, if not years. I have no idea what she ate, if she ate at all. It’s a wonder she didn’t have a car wreck considering she was never sober, but drove fairly often.

I slowly shared Christ with her because she could not comprehend how I was happy and content with life. I pulled out my Bible and read to her. I prayed with her. I counseled her as best I could considering I was 22, newly married, and never dealt with an alcoholic before. I drove her to church. I just sat and listened to her. I let her “play” my piano when she was drunk out of her mind and didn’t want to be alone. I let her cry.

I gave her my Bible.

I had a Bible that was given to me when I graduated high school. I used it all through Bible school and wrote all over the inside cover pages different truths/songs/verses that spoke to me. I took copious notes through Bible school in the margins so I couldn’t read through Romans without having most of my class notes with me. The cover was falling off. It was my Bible. Do you have one of those? One of those Bibles that is truly yours – your notes, your thoughts, your personal writings between you and God? There’s nothing else like it.

On a whim, I gave it to her. She needed a Bible that was not KJV so she could finally understand what she was reading. She needed notes and this Bible had my notes and its own study notes. She needed something and this was the best thing I could think to give her. So, I did.

We moved a few months later and I only saw her twice after that. She was always holed up in her apartment when I’d drive by our old place. I lost touch with her. And then we moved out of the state….and out of the country. And I have no idea what happened to her.

I wish I did. I wish I knew where she was and how she was doing. I wish I knew if my gift had been in vain or not. I hold to the truth that God’s Word will never return void, even in the hands of a raging alcoholic who couldn’t see straight enough to walk across a room. God’s Word can change lives. I wonder if it changed hers?

Every now and then I still think of that Bible. I miss it and wish I had held onto it. And then this morning, I realized that the Bible I have now is filled with my notes. Not Bible school notes. Not quotes from people I was taught by. It’s filled with notes that God has taught me personally. This is my own study Bible; all notes written by yours truly thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my pastor, and a few teachers. Maybe it’s not as filled yet, but it’s getting there. And it means more because it truly is mine.

I wish I knew what happened to her and my Bible.

So, my advice? Take good notes. You never know who’s going to need your Bible more than you do.

So good to me.

My biggest embarrassing flaw is my ease at getting motion sick. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life and seems to be something that runs in my family. It seemed to dissipate when I was in college, but right before I got married, it reappeared and has been with me ever since. At times, it’s bad enough that I don’t want to travel anywhere if I can’t do the driving myself. Other times, I’m fine and can even read in the car. I used to love flying, but as the feeling of sickness has increased over the years, my joy of flying has diminished. Greatly. I want so badly to love flying like I used to, but lately, I just can’t bring myself to.

On our way home from Iquitos, I was not able to take Dramamine, my cure-all medicine for motion sickness. Even with it, I tend to get queasy, but at least it eases most of the symptoms. I was utterly terrified to travel Saturday night. Shaking, crying – terrified of traveling. The flight was to be an hour and a half and then it’s a good two hour drive from the airport to home, in South American traffic. I was literally in tears before leaving the home in Iquitos.

I wrote friends asking for prayer. And then Brian and I prayed frequently and specifically before the flight began.

Before getting on the plane, I told God to just take the fear. To hold my stomach, my head, my nerves and to just take whatever feelings are not from Him away because I did not want them. By the time I boarded, I was no longer shaking and my stomach had settled considerably.

I closed my eyes, relaxed… and basically fell asleep.

One song in particular flooded my mind:

“You are so good to me, You heal my broken heart, You are my Father in heaven… You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song… and I will sing again…”

Over and over this song rang through my mind. When the flight got bumpy and I started to feel bad, this song rose in volume and covered it all.

An hour and a half later, we landed smoothly. My husband and our two friends complained of queasy stomachs and headaches from a horrendously bumpy flight. I had fallen asleep. I hadn’t even noticed that it was bumpier than usual.

God is so good to me.

So good to me.

It may sound like such a simple thing, but for me, it was the world. It was such a huge triumph – something only God can do. I wanted to get off the plane and shout it to the world! This was an extremely personal miracle and I couldn’t wait to share it with people.

God is personal. God is mine. God is good.

Por Fin!

OHhhhhhhhhhhhh we’re FINALLY home! It feels so nice to be home, I can hardly even stand it. I’m just sooo glad to be HOME! HOME HOME HOME HOME!!!! I missed my home.

It was a good month, albeit long. The first week, we did a lot of VBS preparations, making sure visuals and lessons were done. I was given the opportunity to write a puppet skit and an object lesson. I’m disappointed I couldn’t do it in Spanish, but that should come this year. The students ended up doing the actual VBS work, so I only went one of the days to see how it was going to go. It came off really well! Seventy plus kids each day – I’d say that’s a good success considering at this same church last year, we had about forty.

The men got to work right away. Their goals were to build a cafeteria, kitchen, game room, and two bathrooms. They got all but ten pieces of siding and a spot for laundry done. Wow – praise the Lord! The camp looks amazing. Unfortunately, “minor” details like plumbing/sewer were not completed, so the campers will have to stay in a different section of camp. We have a boarding house for high school kids that live in tribes up the Amazon. The campers will have to stay in their boarding rooms. That’s fine – at least camp can be held out there!

It was beautiful weather, albeit hot, when we first got there. It was absolutely gorgeous. But, you do have to get used to the sweat running down your body even when you’re just standing around. Towards the end of our time there, the rainy season started and the temperature cooled noticeably. It was raining during the day by the time we got home, so we were glad we were there in January so the men could get lots of work done.

We did one day of sight-seeing since we had three visitors with us. We took a boat up a branch of the Amazon and went to a hands-on zoo where we got to hold sloths, anacondas, monkeys, and a prehistoric turtle. We also got to see where the Amazon and Nanay Rivers merge. The two colors don’t mix at first and it’s just an awesome view.

So, we’re home now. Brian has to work on catching up on A LOT of campus maintenance, some repairs on our house, and additional construction on a co-workers’ house. I have TONS and tons of school prep to do. School begins in March and I feel so behind. May have to recruit some friends…

Here’s some pictures from the trip…

the cafeteria

one of the lodges – they built 2, along with 2 bathrooms

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