For some reason, for years now, I’ve promised myself that one day, I would own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

I like the ones in the picture. Brian calls them hooker shoes. But, he calls everything hooker shoes, so I no longer care about his opinion. ūüėČ

I looked up the Jimmy Choo website and it said it automatically figured out my currency. They put me in euros. Peruvian Nuevo Soles are not euros. By any stretch of the imagination. Just imagine what the exchange rate would be since it’s basically three soles to the dollar right now. Jimmy Choos are incredibly expensive. I no longer think I’ll be getting any, at least not on our salary, any time soon. But, it’s a nice dream.

Looking at the Jimmy Choo stuff and then reading blogs about simple life on ranches made me start being quite contemplative. I thought looking at Jimmy Choos would make me discontent. Instead, it made me happy to have the life I do. I’ve been reading a lot of design blogs recently, too, and even though I love them and I think they have a lot of amazingly beautiful ideas – none of them will ever happen in my home. And yet, it doesn’t depress me. It makes me quite satisfied with what I do have.

So, what do I have? Nothing designer, but I do have…

*I’ve been trying to upload pictures and nothing is working, so you’ll have to just deal with word pictures. Third World internet, what can I say?*

  • a beautiful, red bathroom that reminds of all the colors of fall. I don’t know when/if I’ll ever experience a true Northern Hemisphere fall again (my favorite time of year), so I love that my bathroom has all those colors in it.
  • unique coffeetable and end tables. Never seen anything like them and they were custom-made. Dark wood, glass tops; I love them.
  • nice countertops that, believe it or not, match my sister’s countertops in Vermont. They make my kitchen look finished, even though I still don’t have cabinet doors. They’re just so pretty.
  • four new pairs of sandals from Brazil. They may not be Jimmy Choos, but how many people can say they got Brazilian sandals for $5 while in the jungle? And they’re unique and cool and lightweight and pretty… they may even be better than Jimmy Choos, especially since my husband doesn’t think of them as hooker shoes!
  • the prettiest hammock on the market. This I’ll have to get a picture of for you. We’re still trying to find hooks so we can hang it up. I’d rather not hang it up in my living room because our house is filled with children during the year and it’s not a toy, but I’m afraid it’d get used like a toy. It’s brown, lightweight material with pretty, white flowers woven through it and white braided rope that it hangs on. Brian found it in a street market in Iquitos for the equivalent of about $10 and it’s like no other hammock I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to hang it up and just lounge in it, reading and sleeping… ah, bliss.

Maybe I won’t ever own my Jimmy Choos. Maybe I’m not “Susie Home Maker” and I can’t sew my own clothes and purses or can food and grind wheat. But, I like my life. I like what God has blessed me with and I’m content even though I don’t have…

~finished floors. We walk on plywood still because we just can’t quite seem to raise enough to finish our floors. Someday, we’d like to put tile or something down. Hopefully within the next few months.

~curtains on the upstairs windows. We actually have curtains for one room, but have never found rods, so we haven’t hung them up yet. Our bedroom has a borrowed curtain strung up with a wire, on one window. I’d like to get curtains, but again, we need to be able to afford them.

~our own furniture. Almost everything is borrowed except a few choice items. I’d like a sectional sofa; I think it’d fit our downstairs perfectly. They are somewhat affordable, but again, we need the funds. Right now, our seating consists of five chairs that Brian needs to work on fixing and a loveseat-type couch that’s borrowed. Not very conducive to guests. Our living room looks… empty.

~screens on my windows. We’re getting bombarded with bugs at night and birds in the morning. It’s frustrating to hang my laundry up to dry, inside, upstairs, and still end up with bird doo on them. Brian bought the screen. Now if he could just find time to build the frames and install them.

~cable. I know that’s trivial, but I would love to get local (and international) news… and watch Rachael Ray. I know, superficial again, but she was really the only talk show I enjoyed(NOT her cooking show… sorry, but her talking to herself gets obnoxious) ¬†and I love duplicating her recipes with cheaper (more normal) ingredients.

~Nutella. You ever had Nutella? If you haven’t, you should. It’s¬†hazelnut, chocolate goodness that you can spread on bread. A staple in Montreal. For some reason, I’ve been craving Nutella like there’s no tomorrow. I saw it sitting on top of the fridge in an episode of “Friends” this week and that’s all I can think about. Then I saw it on a blog featuring a recipe by Giada… pound cake with Nutella and strawberries, cookied like a panini. WOW. I think I just drooled a little.

There’s a taste of life in Peru. The things we have, the things we don’t have, the things we live without. Regardless of this entire blog, though, the good and the bad – I must admit, I’ve never been more content in my life.

Jimmy Choos or no Jimmy Choos, furniture or no furniture, I am where God put me and I am glad to be here.