I am the fourth missionary wife here who’s pregnant AND due this year. The first one went into labor this morning! We’re SO excited. It’s her first and she’s been married almost two years. She has to drive two hours to another district of Lima to have the baby in a hospital near her family. She’s still here… lying in bed, counting her contractions, waiting for her ride to get out of class. She’ll make it, but I know her mom, who’s in Callao waiting for her, is freaking out! It’s so exciting knowing that soon, she’ll get to hold her little one.

Just reminded me that my time will be here before I know it. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong! But still… it’s not like I have anything to compare this to! Therefore, it’s a little nerve-wracking. I realized this week that I’m almost four months along now; the third month definitely went faster than the others. Crazy crazy!

Brian and I did our doctor’s appointment alone this week. It went super well. We understood it all, got to keep a whole sheet of pictures, and just enjoyed being a family and functioning on our own in a foreign country (that’s beginning to not feel so foreign anymore). It was nice hearing that even though I’ve been told I look like I’m carrying twins, I lost a bunch of weight in the last three weeks. I don’t know where people get off being so rude, but I do NOT look like I’m having twins and I do NOT look the same as the girl who went into labor this morning. I know I’m not small; you don’t have to point that fact out to me every time I walk by. Hopefully Brian will be talking to the one person who’s been the rudest. I know he’s trying to be funny, but it’s way past that point now.

School is going well, although it’s exhausting in the afternoons. I get home and just want to SIT and not talk for awhile! I’m getting a good workout on my Spanish, though. I’m learning past tenses a whole lot faster than normal because I put so many stories I read in English into Spanish. Children really are your best language helpers. I’m enjoying teaching them and seeing their eyes light up with new knowledge. One of the girls is doing so well and she just BEAMS when you praise her. It’s fun. πŸ™‚ I’m struggling with the little boy, but part of that is because he’s 4 years old (the girls are 7), he’s from America, he does not speak Spanish, and, well, he’s a little boy! What little boy WANTS to be in school? However, he’s been asking way too often, “Can I go home now?” Patience is not a virtue I exude in and I tend to lose it quickly.

Bible school is in full-swing. We have somewhere between 40-50 students which is pretty good. Brian is in a leadership position and he’s trying to help the kids see him as leader and not friend, which can be a tight rope to walk most days. Yesterday he had to be with two other men while they handed out the first demerits of the year to four male students. Brian was told by one of the guys what had happened because the guy thought it was hilarious. Brian turned to him and said, “Now why did you tell me? I have to do something about it now!” It was hard, too, because what they did WAS funny… if it had stayed among boys. But it didn’t and a girl got offended, so they had to get punished. You know what I learned? Different culture, different hemisphere, different language – does NOT MATTER. Boys will be boys and they will always, always, always pull stupid pranks without thinking. We had a good laugh at home about it, but in public, we have to show that we’re disappointed. Which we are; they should’ve known better. But seriously. Boys… do they ever grow up? Honestly?

Can I just take a minute to say how proud I am of my husband, though? I was honestly not outside this summer when we got home from Iquitos, so from January to March, I really did not see him interact with our Peruvian friends that much. Now that I’m back in public, I’ve noticed that Brian’s Spanish has greatly improved. We still have not had lessons and Brian hasn’t had anyone even tutor him. And yet, he has picked up SO MUCH. He’s doing so well. He’s even conducting his weekly meetings with his team mostly in Spanish. It’s hard and he admits it, but he’s doing it. He can talk with the students and he understands sometimes more than I do. I’m not saying that to brag. I speak French and so Spanish came fairly easily to me and we both know it. But, now, there are definitely times when Brian picks up stuff that I do NOT. We balance each other quite well. But besides the Spanish, Brian is settling into his role as “head of maintenance” really well this year. He has a lot of responsibility and he had to confront more than just students sometimes and he’s doing so well. He loves being a leader and he’s a great leader, if I do say so myself. He’s the gentle, meek, but assertive kind. He’s honest and blunt, but caring and thoughtful. He thinks things through and conducts the work logically. He’s enjoying his job and getting things accomplished. He’s getting to know the students and making himself available. One of the guys trusts Brian implicitly and comes to him frequently for relationship advice. It’s really neat to see and I’m so proud of him.

In closing, here’s my week’s phenomenal recipe. We went out to dinner Tuesday night and I made this Wednesday night and Brian said, “Why did we go out last night? You should’ve just made this!” So, here ya go… (once again with no measurements, just the basic idea)

  • I took two lean pork chops and put them in a non-stick skillet. Browned on both sides, then added salt and pepper. I don’t have lemon pepper, so instead I cut open a lemon (ours our small like limes here) and squeezed half the juice on one side of the chops and the other half on the other side.
  • Let brown a tad more, then add some cream of mushroom soup. Here, it comes in a powdered packet that makes like a giant pot. So, I used just part of the packet, mixed with milk and water in a bowl.
  • Add to the soup a healthy tablespoon (or more – eyeball it) of mustard. Here, the only mustard really is yellow, but it’s spicy and has a great flavor to it, unlike yellow mustard in the States which, in my opinion, is just kind of bland. This yellow mustard here reminds me of a subtle dijon, believe it or not. Mix the mustard in really well, then pour over the pork chops.
  • Cover and let simmer til the chops are cooked through and tender.
  • Serve with mashed potatoes or rice and a veggie. Makes a bunch of sauce!

Well, it’s break time for my students, so I should get going. Have a wonderful Thursday! Do something today that enables you to enjoy God’s wonderful, unique world wherever you happen to be.