Lovely Times.

Finally, after months of being stranded at the house on Sundays, we made it to church. There was room in a car, so we took full advantage of it and went to church. Sitting there was literally one of the most refreshing things that’s happened to me in a long time. I grew up in church; hardly missed a Sunday growing up. We had to be horribly ill and able to prove it if we were going to stay home. Even growing up in the North, church was hardly ever canceled because of weather, so we were there, rain or shine, snow, sleet, or ice. After I got married, we were sporadic church attendees for awhile, mainly because we did not like our church and didn’t know where else to go. If Brian’s family wanted to do something Sunday morning, normally we skipped church to be with them. But once we found a church we absolutely loved, we didn’t miss anymore. I think I didn’t realize until recently how horribly important it is to go to church. I’ve missed the communion greatly. Granted, I don’t really know anyone there; it’s not like we hang around to fellowship. We don’t participate in the events going on there because they’re so far away and we’ve got everything going on here. But, just being there, participating in the music and listening to a sermon – it was so refreshing, I can hardly describe it to you. Once our car is ready for us, I told Brian there’s no way we’ll miss church anymore unless we absolutely have to. This will probably be the last Sunday we get to attend before the car is done, but still, I’m glad we made it. Maybe just a few more weeks of this??

It was a lovely weekend, though, from start to finish. I got up early Saturday and made banana bread, a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try out. It didn’t use cinnamon or nutmeg for flavoring, just vanilla, so I was curious how it would turn out. I also don’t have a bread pan, so I put it in my 8×8 and it cooked just fine. This bread was heavenly! So much so, I think I’ll buy more bananas and make more. It was super easy, even though it took about 50 minutes to cook. While that was cooking, I made Brian scrambled eggs for breakfast, but filled them with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cheese. So good. I’m not normally an egg person, but we’ve had our fill of French toast and pancakes and we wanted something different for breakfast, so that’s what we did. After breakfast, we both promptly fell back to sleep for a little while. I don’t know why. Sure was relaxing, though.

After church Sunday, we ended up at the mall. We want so badly to find little Elena her first church dress, but have yet to find anything. We ran to three stores while the friend we were with paid a bill. The first store had baby clothes. All of it for winter (she’ll be born in spring) and the cheapest we saw was about $15. The average price of one baby item was $30. Brian about had a heart attack. Unfortunately, the other two stores we hit were the same way – and none of them had little newborn dresses. So disappointing! We’re going to try the local market next. At least there we should be able to afford clothes! We hope.

We also got Chinese for lunch yesterday. We have our favorite little Chinese restaurant not far from here that we haven’t been to in AGES (we go there after church on Sundays, so, no church, no Chinese). They’ve actually moved and own an actual building now, not just a little walk-in with a few tables. Anyway, Chinese on Sundays is just wonderful. It’s freshly made and so good. Definite perk to living in Peru.

And that’s about it. I just realized a good chunk of this is about food. I’ll blame it on my pregnancy. 🙂 Now, it’s a new week, no Memorial Day vacation for us!, filled with meetings, a birthday party, more Bible lesson writing, and introducing the first “book” to my kindergarten girls. I really should go for now, though, since I think my third grader is ready for me to teach her and she’s just not saying anything… she has this habit of just sitting there instead of saying, “Hey, I’m done.” Goof. We’re getting there… maybe by November she’ll voluntarily talk more often.

Field Trip!

I’m quite looking forward to today. I wanted to incorporate field trips into this year’s school schedule and so I purposefully put them onto my calendar to force myself to plan them out. At the end of April, I met with some of the parents and asked for ideas. The main problems we have here is that, for 1, there is nothing really child-friendly. As in, you know how in the States we have aquariums and museums and hands-on science museums that are mainly for children? We don’t have any of that here. A museum is a museum, in all its institution and form, and is therefore not very child-friendly. We also live quite a ways out from anything. We’re a good 45 minutes from the outskirts of Lima and all the really good museums are way downtown, sometimes a 2 hour drive, depending on traffic. We currently have one working car on campus, which holds 6 if we’re really crammed and mostly children. So, traveling really far is basically out of the question. We also have limited budgets. We’re all missionaries living on support; we don’t have the extras to travel around doing field trips every few months.

My first thought was to do something like I did growing up – tours of restaurants, grocery stores, businesses, etc. Field trips don’t necessarily need to be at museums. But, how much of that is culturally acceptable? I don’t know if we can just go to Pizza Hut and ask for a school tour of the kitchen. One of the dads thought that could be arranged, but it would have to be planned ahead of time and somebody would have to stop in there and ask beforehand. So, it’s still a possibility for later in the year. I remember touring Pizza Hut like every year (for Book-It! – remember those years?), touring the butcher area of a grocery store, a library, and Ben and Jerry’s factory. Simple things that I still remember, that probably cost our parents next to nothing. Those are the kinds of things I want for these kids.

So today, we’re heading up our street to a local dairy farm. We’re walking since it’s literally like four neighbors down, so we don’t have to spend money on gas. He’s a friend of ours, so we don’t have to pay to get in. And some of the parents are even going with us. It’s a working, Peruvian dairy farm, complete with donkey. 🙂 It’s totally nothing huge or even horribly exciting, but the kids are looking forward to it (especially my little girls) and I do think it’ll be educational. I’m very happy about this.

I’ve also thought about going to one of our local flower markets and having the ladies there talk about some of the plants they sell. There’s another farm you can tour not far from here where supposedly you can feed all the animals (more like a zoo with farm animals). We’re not far from the ocean; that could be another trip, even though the kids have all been to the ocean. We can still make it educational with finding sea shells and looking at the waves; the little ones just learned about tides, currents, and how beaches are formed. So, there are definite options, we just have to think out of the box a little more.

So – here’s to a fun, more interesting than usual, Friday! Have a good weekend, everybody!


Okay, so I don’t, well, EVER post twice in one day, but seriously, I made the BEST soup tonight, so I thought I’d better record how I did it while I can still remember. I wish I’d taken pictures. Not that any pictures would upload on this AWFUL internet we’ve had lately, but still – you should’ve seen this soup. It was amazing. So, here’s how it went down:

  • I chopped up four large potatoes, one large carrot (our carrots here are HUGE), half a red onion, and half an aji pepper. I put them all into one big pot, covered with water, and added a bunch of salt.
  • Once they were really, really tender, I drained them out, saving all the liquid.
  • I pulled out most of the potatoes, all the carrots, the aji, and the onions and put them back into the warm pot.
  • I covered them with the one can of evaporated milk I’ve had and wasn’t sure what to do with for awhile now. While they were heating with the milk, I took my potato masher and mashed everything as best I could. It would’ve been better in a blender, but since I still don’t have one, this worked just fine. The pepper didn’t mash, but that’s okay. I left some of the carrots somewhat whole, but that was fine, too.
  • I added the rest of the quartered potatoes back into the pot, along with a bunch of the reserved liquid.
  • I raised the temperature and added more salt, plus pepper, oregano, garlic powder, and rosemary sprigs. Then just let it simmer all together until it was simmering.
  • While the soup was simmering, I halved fresh ciabatta rolls, buttered them, sprinkled on garlic powder, and topped them with grated parmesan and threw them in the oven under the broiler.
  • By the time the bread was done, so was the soup.

And WOW. It was amazing. I sprinkled parmesan on top of my serving; Brian did his usual and added more salt and pepper. Personally, I love the flavor of root vegetables with just a hint of salt – I feel they have enough flavor in and of themselves. Brian is not of that persuasion and I have quit trying to get him TO that persuasion. Regardless, dinner was homey and warm (warmed me up for the first time today!) and filling and just plain GOOD.

So, there’s my recipe of the night. It wasn’t rocket science, but for me, it was great. I’m not normally a soup-from-scratch person, without a recipe, so I felt like this was a nice achievement. 🙂 Let me know if you try it or if you’d do anything different to make it better!

And It’s A…

We were finally able to get our 20 weeks ultrasound done! The doctor was wonderful, as usual. We told him we wanted to know the sex, so within a few minutes into the ultrasound, he still-framed it. Brian caught on immediately. I, of course, had no clue what I was supposed to be looking at. Woops. He told us that it is very clear, extremely obvious, that our little one is…


There is no doubt about it. She’s all girl. I have spent since January convinced we were having a boy, so it actually took a bit to process. Brian has been calling the baby “she” since I got pregnant, so I’m pretty sure he jynxed our hopes of ever having a boy! 😉 I have to admit, I cried in the car. I was just so happy. Brian wanted a girl so badly – he’s talked about having a baby girl since we were engaged. I wanted to give him his daughter. And here she is!

That was our big excitement this weekend. Now the planning has begun. We wanted to pick up her first dress, but the one store we were in had no dresses and the few baby clothes they had were so expensive and not cute enough for Brian’s newly acquired taste in baby clothes, so we got nothing. He promised an outing some day to an actual baby store so we could find her first dress.

We also began talking about her room. Granted, we can’t paint and buying a rug is just unreasonable (too dusty, vacuum uses too much electricity), so ultimately, we’re just putting up some wall decorations and picking out crib sheets. I had NOT been planning on doing all pink. My best friend in South Dakota and I both decided years ago that doing all pink for a girl is just not something we were excited about. But, to my shock, when I asked Brian what he wanted for the room, he said, “Well, pink, obviously.” What?? We’ve compromised over the past few days and decided that pink can be the accent, but it won’t be the primary color. He also informed me that she will be dressed mostly in pink, including the work clothes she uses to help him work on cars. I thought I knew my husband. I guess I was wrong.

We’ve also picked out the name. Okay, honestly, I picked out the name back in high school. I’ve dreamed about being a mom since I was a little, little girl and have come up with all sorts of names over the years. For the longest time, I was going to have twin girls – Esther and Vashti. Praise the Lord, I grew out of that phase. But I digress. The name I picked out I’ve loved since high school. I picked out the middle name when I was in college. So, for those of you who are curious, our baby girl will be named…

Elena Ruth.

The first name I always thought worked in any language since for quite awhile, I thought I’d be living in Montreal, but I loved Spanish. Ruth, however, has a little more meaning to it.

Ruth was my grandmother – my dad’s mom. She was a phenomenal woman. Basically, she raised six boys, gave up on the hopes of giving birth to a girl, so she adopted two sisters from Bolivia. She managed to raise all of her children in such a way that there are three pastors and three deacons. Every single one of her boys has been involved in churches/church planting/church leadership at some point or another. I would say 95% of my cousins are believers. Even my cousins’ children are believers. One of my uncles is running for Congress. Two of my cousins are in the Christian music industry. The vast majority of my cousins have been on missions trips or worked in Christian camps or programs in church. Whatever my grandmother did, she did it well.

She wasn’t the mushy grandma who spoiled her grandchildren crazy. But, my grandparents made every effort to be at every special event for every single one of their many grandchildren. We lived the farthest away, and yet they made every effort to see us every year. We’d watch for their giant RV and about freak out when they pulled in. I don’t remember them ever bringing presents, but it didn’t matter. They were there. The year I graduated from high school, so did one of my cousins. They came to my graduation and not hers because they said they didn’t see my family often enough. The year I graduated from eighth grade, my sister graduated from high school. I had an eighth grade graduation in school, but nothing was even mentioned at home. Until I found a card from Grandma on the table. She remembered my eighth grade graduation even when nobody else recognized it.

She passed away unexpectedly just after I’d turned 18. She had had a heart attack earlier in the week. She was supposed to be released on Friday, so my cousin went to go see her in the hospital. He was passed by doctors and nurses running through the halls… to her room. She’d had another heart attack, unexpectedly, and passed away right there. We were preparing to send me off to college and my parents to move to Montreal. We were in the middle of a yard sale when my uncle called my dad. That night was my going away party from my friends. I went anyway, but I was a mess. Such a mess my friends told me to smoke a cigarette and calm down. Thankfully, I declined.

I remember each member of my family handled her death differently. Tanya, my sister, had just barely moved to Harrisburg, PA, to teach and had just started her first year of school there, so she couldn’t leave for the funeral. To this day, I’m not sure what she did. Shawn, my brother, went into silent work mode. He worked on my dad’s car (which, looking back, I believe was fine) for hours on end. He refused to go to Wisconsin for the funeral. I honestly think he thought he couldn’t handle it. My dad holed up in his room, making phone calls, taking over as “big brother” and organizing the funeral, flights, burial, and who knows what else. My mom was just quiet. Crying a lot. Grandma was the best example of mother-in-law there ever could’ve been because every single daughter-in-law mourned her as if she was their mom.

That first Sunday in Wisconsin, the day after grandma’s funeral, in their home church, without Grandma… was torture. My aunt could hardly enter the sanctuary. I saw Grandma’s pink flowered dress everywhere I looked. Nothing was the same. Still, when we go to that church, I expect to see her and Grandpa walking down the hall to greet us.

I miss my Grandma. She didn’t get to meet Brian. She wasn’t at my wedding. She won’t get to meet my first daughter. I miss her so much. I feel like I lost her too soon. There’s still so much I want to ask her and talk to her about. I look up to her as one of my heroes. It gives me great honor to name my firstborn after her.

Elena Ruth. You have big shoes to fill, little one.

Nothin’ but Fog.

Winter has settled with a vengeance here. I am pretty sure fall just skipped right over us. We’ve had fog (fog that is literally on the ground) and drizzly rain since Saturday. It is Tuesday now. And it has not lifted. Not once. Not even slightly. Not even like a hint of lifting – like one of those faux lifts where you can partially see the sun and you think for an hour it might get sunny, but then it doesn’t. Yeah, not even one of those! Praise the Lord, this kind of weather does not truly bother me or depress me. On the contrary, I feel like doing more and I feel more relaxed when it’s like this. Don’t ask me why. I’ve always been a fan of fog, though. I’ll have to get a good picture of it for you all so you can see how truly foggy it is here.

I keep waiting for inspiration so I can have some great entry. Inspiration seems to have left with my old body, though. I’m wondering if either of those will ever come back, come to think of it. So you’ll just have to suffice with my random ramblings since seriously, that’s the extent of my pregnant mind. Seriously, I did not think “pregnant mind” would happen to me. And it has. Just ask my poor friend who I made pizza with Friday night. I kept forgetting what we’d added to the dough and what we hadn’t, what we’d decided on for toppings, and even in what order to put them on. So, add “brain” to the list of things that have disappeared, along with body and inspiration.

Speaking of pregnancy, I know you all want me to talk about it, so I shall. I read today, my 20th week, that I should have probably gained 10lbs. I can proudly say I have gained… nothing. I lost three pounds my first trimester and my weight has since stayed right there. Praise the LORD. 🙂 And I so don’t mean that sarcastically. The baby is also moving like a peanut on crack. Can I say that? Compare my baby to a food item on drugs? Anyway. It’s moving like crazy. This morning, it woke up and was crazy excited about something. Such an amazing, cool feeling – totally not describable. I am just so constantly amazed and excited about this little one and feeling it tumble and kick just kind of tops it all. We were told to wait til this week to find out the sex, so if at all possible (which I’m not so sure it is) we’re going to go Saturday morning to find out. I’m looking more forward to just seeing it flip and move on the big screen than even finding out whether it’s boy or girl.

Last week I was asked to do something that I’m just SO excited about. I am editing and writing four Bible lessons for summer camp 2011! This is the first time I’ve written anything in Spanish all alone and it’s the first time in a few years that I’ve written entire lessons. I’ve completed one and I’m quite proud of it, even though 100% positive it will need editing by someone who actually speaks Spanish. I am very excited that they even asked me to do this; my only fear is letting them down.

The little boy in class who was wreaking havoc has left. The family decided this was not the place for them and pulled out this morning. Class had a totally different feeling to it this afternoon and it was great to be able to work more one-on-one with the girls. The only foreseeable downfall is that I’m no longer having conversations in English in front of the girls, which was actually helping the girls with their English.

And… that sums it all up pretty much. A quick chili for dinner and then it’s off to bed. Fog makes me sleepy…

~~So, I’m publishing this on Wednesday because of internet issues and naturally, the sun is peaking through and it’s warming up. And, of course, today is the day I started out wearing shoes and long sleeves. Of course.~~


Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day. Yes, I totally celebrated. I don’t care if this one’s not born yet; it’s very much a part of my life, I take care of it, guard it, talk to it, and love it. I’m a Mom even if I can’t hold it yet. Brian treated me like a princess (which, of COURSE, is not new 😉 ); he made me breakfast in bed, cleaned up the kitchen, and even made me lunch. He finished installing my screens (which was a big deal) and just all in all gave me a wonderful, relaxing day.

Yesterday got me thinking about my own mom, though. I haven’t seen her now in over a year. Granted, this is not the first time I’ve gone more than a year without seeing my mother. But still. It doesn’t make it any easier.

Growing up, we were not close. I was not the sweetest adolescent around and we clashed… big time. She was my piano teacher and it seemed as soon as I turned 13, we couldn’t be in the same room for the long half hour it took for a lesson. I, of course, knew it all and my mother, regardless of her professional training and experience, knew nothing. She also knew nothing about boys, dating, school, or relationships. Amazing how over the years she has gained knowledge.

Long about early college, we started hitting it off again. I think it was the move to Montreal that did it. Looking back, I can see how my mom had a hard time with culture, leaving friends, and starting a tough work, even if she wouldn’t talk about it. Since my sister and brother were gone and I was around frequently, we became each other’s sounding board. She talked me through my first serious boyfriend. She even made him his favorite dinner the night he came over, even though she knew he was not right for me and we wouldn’t last. She supported my decision to date him even though she knew I was making a wrong decision. She knew telling me would make no difference. And when it crashed and burned, she was there. No judgment. No reproof. Just a shoulder to cry on.

We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve seen each other at our best and worst. We’ve fought like there’s tomorrow and then were best of friends the next day. She walked me through the biggest life decisions – like college and marriage. She loved me enough to sit me down the morning of my wedding day and give me “an easy out” if I honestly felt I should not marry Brian. She told me if I had any doubts, she’d stand by me and would never, ever judge me. But she wanted me to bow out before the wedding, not after. Some people might think that’s weird. I look at all the failed marriages in the world – people who went through with it because they didn’t want to disappoint family and friends who came for the big event – and wonder if their mom had given them an easy out if a divorce could’ve been avoided. I didn’t need it, but I’m glad she thought enough ahead to offer that to me and I will for sure do that for my daughters when the time comes.

I’ve seen my mom struggle through impossible to understand health problems. I’ve seen her deal with the stress of marriage to a pastor while raising three children. Pastor’s wives are horribly under-appreciated. She is by far one of the most humble women I’ve ever met in my life. She’s gone from would-be professional organist to church piano player being told what to do by people who can’t read music. Humble. If you’re a musician, you can imagine what that must be like. She’s the force behind my dad, the one who keeps him on his feet. She’s… amazing.

I am not embarrassed to say that she is one of my best friends now. If I can be half the woman she is when this little one is born, I’ll feel I accomplished something. I miss her terribly. I got to live with her for a year while we raised support and I would give a million dollars to be able to do that again. It was so nice not working and having time during the day to just sit and talk for hours, about anything and everything. Now I’m lucky if I talk with her via Skype or phone once a month. There’s little that was hard to leave when the time came for us to move to Peru. My mom was one of the hardest. I envy those of you who live close enough to see and or talk to your mom on a regular basis. You have no idea what you have. Treasure it.

I wish I had a great picture of my mom and I to put on here, but unfortunately none of the good ones are recent or on my computer. That’s on my to-do list for December furlough.

So, this week after Mother’s Day, what do you appreciate about YOUR mom?

Saturday’s Musings.

This week went by so quickly. I’m pretty sure it’s because I spent three of the days feeling horrendous and only taught for three days this week. So, now it’s Saturday. There’s a camp here this weekend and we can’t even tell, it’s just SO quiet. It’s wonderful. We have yet another children’s birthday party to attend this afternoon… and that’s about it. I’m enjoying reruns of shows like “America’s Got Talent.” Brian’s downstairs playing new computer games. He ran up to town this morning and bought me chocolate 🙂 and toothbrushes – both of which made my day. We were hoping to go out today, but as usual, there are no cars. We’re hoping to maybe go out Monday morning. I finally need a few choice maternity items and I’d rather not wait much longer to pick them up, so we need to get out. We are also dangerously low on groceries and my daily pills will only last until tomorrow, so we HAVE to get out. Ah, the joys of not having transportation. It’s such a nice day, too, it would be so nice to get out and do something with Brian. But, oh well. Guess it’ll wait. Our car should be in the beginning stages of getting repaired this coming week. I’m anxious to actually have it so we don’t have to rely on other people’s fluctuating schedules anymore.


I spent the whole week thinking I’d hit a stand-still in my pregnancy. I didn’t feel pregnant or feel like I was growing. I was even starting to get a little worried, especially after being sick. But, then I looked in the mirror this morning. WOW. I am definitely pregnant! I can honestly say, I really like it. 🙂 I always thought I’d feel fat when I got pregnant, but so far, nothing is growing but my belly and I think it’s cute. I might be partial because of what’s causing it, but hey, I don’t care.

The only thing that’s been rough is my sciatic nerve. I’ve had issues with that for years. I broke my tailbone in college and I’m sure it never completely healed, so that was one thing. Then, with all the traveling we did with moving cross-country and raising support, all that sitting in cars for days on end really did me in. My sciatic nerve is just SHOT. I had a feeling it would act up during pregnancy, but I didn’t think it would be to the point where I can’t move and just have to sit and cry for awhile. If this is ANY indication, childbirth will be a stinkin’ breeze. It acts up after I teach – up and down on chairs, bending over tiny desks, squatting next to tiny chairs, and moving constantly for three hours straight. I get home and the pain is just shooting down my left leg. I can barely get down to sit and once I’m down, I can’t move or get back up without excruciating pain… or help. Last night, I just lay on my side in bed and every time I needed to sit up, Brian had to come over and basically lift me up. I think Thursday night is what made it flair up. We had chapel and I sat on the world’s hardest bench for most of the hour and by the time it was over, I could hardly walk. Friends have sent stretch ideas, so I’m doing those. There seems to be relief, but I’m honestly nervous that as the pregnancy goes on, it’s going to get worse. I tried not bending over as much Friday and I didn’t come home in as much pain. But hey, if this is the worse that happens during my pregnancy, I’m blessed.


This coming week, we have a special chapel time for Mother’s Day. I was asked on Thursday to organize something with the kids for it. I thought – great! My kids in class, that’s no problem. Then, they said I needed to include at least two other kids who aren’t in my school and who I never, ever see. They attend school in town and so they’re gone all morning and then I’m busy all afternoon, so I just never see them. And they don’t speak a word of English. So, I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate these kids into some kind of presentation. At this point, I’m thinking my little ones can sing and say some memory verses and have the older ones read them in Spanish. I’m thinking I might have them each make something that represents what their mom means to them and they get to explain it to everybody – my kids doing it in English. I don’t know… they want me to do some sort of choreography to music… THAT is not happening. In less than a week? With six kids from 5-11? I don’t think so. I really need to do something that can be organized simply and doesn’t need a ton of rehearsal from kids not in my class since I’ll be doing parent teacher conferences next week every evening as well. I don’t mind being asked – in fact, I’m looking forward to it – if I can figure out what to do with them! 🙂 An extra week to plan would’ve been nice, but the girl who told me didn’t even know she was organizing it until the night she told me. And such is life in South America. Last year, that would’ve thrown me off. This year, it really doesn’t bother me.


I’ve been able to catch up on Fox News this week. That was one of my favorite past times – watching Fox with my dad. Brian can’t stand watching news for more than headlines. I find it fascinating. Believe it or not, though, it makes me homesick. I don’t know why; America is getting obviously worse. I watched a blip this morning on the riots in Arizona over the new immigration law and the only thought going through my mind was, “THAT is not my country.” It looked like something from the Middle East. Good grief. I feel bad for the governor of Arizona. Being called Hitler for trying to protect her state since the federal government is doing NOTHING to help? Even this morning, they said there was another police officer murdered by a suspected immigrant smuggling marijuana. And people are upset that she’s trying to make this end? Whatever. I don’t get it.

And then the oil spill? WOW. I remember the oil spill in Alaska in ’89 quite clearly. Those pictures were crazy and I remember asking my parents what was happening to all the animals. The price of all kinds of seafood and the price of oil is going to skyrocket in the States. I love how Obama’s reaction was to put a halt on off-shore drilling. Yup, let’s become MORE dependent on countries that hate us. Logical. I don’t know what the solution is, but I agree with fishermen and others suing. Their livelihood for the foreseeable future is essentially gone. All those poor people who spent all winter investing in their boats and equipment. Guaranteed people went into debt over a new boat or new fishing equipment thinking they’d make up for it come summer. Now what are they going to do? Unbelievable.


I got a new house cleaner this week. The girl we’d been using is no longer a student and even though she lives here, she’s not here very often. She’s been cleaning only once a week, as quickly as she can, and doing just an awful job. It was giving me MORE work rather than helping me out. We ended up telling her we needed someone a little more steady this year and we hired a student from Iquitos. She’s wonderful. She’s cleaned two days and I’m already so pleased I just wanna keep her. She will also be our nanny in the afternoons after Baby B is born. She’s SO excited about that and I’m confident she’ll do just fine. She’s also first year, so as long as she stays, we’ll have her for three full years. Wonderful.


I think those are the end of my thoughts for this Saturday afternoon. I should go help Brian make lunch. He’s promised me his hamburgers (as you know from other entries, his hamburgers are AMAZING) and giant homemade french fries for awhile now and he’s going to make good on that promise today if I help. 🙂 I should go. Thanks for following my random thoughts… enjoy your weekend!

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