OK, first off, let me just say how I’ve just noticed how utterly disgusting my keyboard is. Any suggestions on cleaning in between the keys without hurting the laptop itself? It’s like seriously disgusting.

Moving on.

Brian is so busy. I think from here to August, I’m not going to see him much. Granted, he’s doing what he loves and what he’s good at, but wow, I don’t think he’s sat down yet today and he’s been up since before 7! And yet, he made me breakfast. What a man.

We have the group from our church coming tomorrow~ so excited! Nervous, though. I want it to go well and I feel so out of control of most of the planning that I’m terrified it’s going to go bad and we’re going to get blamed and it’s not just ANY church, it’s our SENDING church… ahhhh! I keep trying to tell myself it’ll be fine… but then I think of everything that could go wrong and start getting paranoid. It’s times like these I realize what a control freak I am. I like being in control, in charge, in the know, whatever you want to call it and this time, for whatever reason, I wasn’t informed of… anything… on this end. On the other end, I’ve been responding to about four emails a day for the past month, so I guess I’m not completely out of touch!

Brian is busy getting their rooms ready – which involves new paint, decorations, bunk beds (that have to be put together), cleaning, a dividing wall reassembled, and making sure plumbing and hot water are functioning. He is also supervising the men we hired who are laying the cement floor for the storage building the team is building. He also has to run to Lima this afternoon to pick up packages, spare tires, cell phones, and I’m not sure what else. This trip will take all afternoon and probably most of the evening since post offices are not a simple process here. Tomorrow, he has to finish getting everything ready, sit through a monthly meeting that takes us all afternoon, leave shortly after/before dinner to get the team, and be back probably midnight-ish. Friday, he helps me brief the team, then is in charge of them for awhile. And then from there on out, he’s either in charge of their work or traveling with them as they do ministry and sight-seeing. PLUS, we have the short term missions director from our international board flying in tomorrow night as well and he’s staying in our home until sometime next week. We’re not sure when he’s leaving or what we’re expected to do with him while he’s here or what his schedule is or anything… but he’s coming! And that room is a mess! And there’s no bed in it as of yet! And my house cleaner has had the flu all week so my bathrooms haven’t been touched since Friday since I’ve had no time!

But no, I’m not stressed out. Whatever do you mean?

And then… I love my students, but I feel like two are just not advancing. My 8th grader’s English has actually gotten worse, believe it or not. Not practicing except in class or with Brian or I is just not paying off. I can hardly understand him some days. My 3rd grader is failing… a lot. I don’t know what to do or how to help her more than I already am. I think it’s a matter of just not studying at home, but I’m not sure. It’s hard to not think it’s all MY fault. I’m still not convinced it isn’t.

So… wow. It’s going to be quite the interesting July. And I thought June was interesting enough, thank you very much.

Rainy Start to Busy Week.

You know it’s cold and rainy when the dog comes into the school and voluntarily lays down, even though there’s no food. We don’t normally get “rain” and today isn’t really “rain” when it comes down to it. But, it is drizzly, drab, dark, and… what’s another “d” word?? Dreary! There ya go. 🙂 It’s chilly and the drizzle is coming down hard enough that it at least sounds like rain and looks like rain. Brrr! Peruvian winter in all its glory.

We had a nice weekend; fairly quiet. We got to borrow a car to go to church yesterday. We even had communion, which was just wonderful. Afterwards, we celebrated our anniversary. We rarely go to eat at fancy places, but we did yesterday. Chili’s was just heavenly. Still didn’t feel like an anniversary celebration, but oh well. What can you do? Brian said when we go to the States we’ll go for a night away, so I’m looking forward to that.

Today, friends from Ireland that we met last year arrive. They come every winter and stay for a month. He teaches in IBYM and she does whatever and their teenage daughter hangs out. We absolutely loved getting to know them last year and are looking forward to seeing them again.

Thursday night, a team from our sending church and BCM International’s short-term missions director are arriving. The team from our church is seven teenagers and four adults. We’re SO excited about them coming. They’re here for almost two weeks and have been preparing and raising money for about eight months now. They’ve been learning some Spanish and some mimes and songs – I think they’re coming very prepared. One of the main leaders of the group is actually a New Tribes missionary who was in Mexico for about 20 years, so he knows Spanish, which is a big help. They’re also bringing with them loads and loads of stuff for us. We left so much in PA; we’re looking forward to having more of it brought down. Plus, people have been donating baby items. Enough so that my mom, every single time I talk with her, says, “It’s going to feel like a baby shower and Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one!” I do believe she’s more excited than I am since she’s felt like SHE’S having a baby for the last couple months with all the baby stuff in their house. So can’t wait. 🙂

Speaking of baby…. last night, it was like she sat up or something. It wasn’t a kick and she pushed hard enough and long enough, I actually had a part of her fill the palm of my hand for a few seconds. It was so neat. Made me want to actually hold her so bad.

She’s also responding to Brian’s voice. Whenever she’s been really quiet all day or whenever he just wants to feel her, he talks to her, using her name, and she wakes right up and kicks as hard as she can until he quits talking. It’s so cool how she knows her daddy’s voice already. She’ll only do that for him and it’s turning into a daily occurrence.

Reminded of Scripture where Jesus says His sheep know His voice and He knows them. Our little girl knows her daddy’s voice, out of all the voices she hears talking to her all day long (because people are always greeting the baby and trying to get her to kick!). She responds to daddy and daddy alone. Mommy talking to her doesn’t make a bit of difference. But, daddy? The world would quit turning for daddy. I wonder if I respond to Jesus’ calling of MY name as readily as she responds to daddy calling her name? It’s like she knows she’s loved and she wants to let him know she’s there, listening. I think that’s how I should be, too, when my Heavenly Father calls to me. Instant, excited response, because I know I’m loved and wanted.

Pregnancy just teaches you so much! 🙂 I wonder what parenthood will be like???

Insects and Sunny Days.

After two pretty rough weeks, this week has been pretty great! I feel like that stupid flu never even happened. I’ve been able to pour myself back into my students and this week, real progress has been shown, especially among the girls. The boys, well, they’re typical teenage boys and I’m just glad they’re keeping their heads above water these days. They’re learning the importance of daily studying and actually paying attention to their work.

The little girls this week have shown such great advancement! They have to read short story books now each week. Remember the 5-page books with just a few words on each page? That’s what they have. With this curriculum, they get cute little books that feature a new animal each week. So they learn about the animal as well, which I think is cool. Yesterday, Brian visited the classroom, which they always love. He checked out their work and praised them for how they’re doing and then I asked if they’d like to read to him. They both jumped out of their chairs and raced to be the first to read them their current book, “Matt.” Even my little one who has a difficult time with reading decided to read out loud to Brian. She did wonderful! I was so proud of her for getting over her nerves and reading in front of him.

Yesterday was just a fun day in afternoon classes. It was sunny and warm and felt spring-like instead of fall-like. Even the wind was warm, which is rare for this time of year. They’re learning about insects, so we put a plate with a wet paper towel, covered in molasses, out in the sun on the grass. We read a couple books outside, watching the plate with one eye to see if anything would come to it. They got to check the plate every half hour or so to see what had discovered the sticky goodness. Unfortunately, insects seem to be in hiding because all we got were ants and a few random tiny things. So, since it wasn’t really working, we went on an insect hunt! We flipped over rocks and looked through stacks of wood. And then we found a giant spider and decided that was enough insect hunting for one day. 🙂

Today, we’ll be taking a hangar, putting it down on the ground, and inspecting everything within the “window” it creates. I love that the girls aren’t squeamish and enjoy looking at “creepy-crawlies” (they love that term).

Yesterday as well, the girls practiced their song and verse for tonight’s chapel time. They’re doing so well. I’m so proud of them. I think one of them is getting close to being able to start talking a little bit in English. Such exciting times!

Since I’m feeling better and yesterday was all sunny and just a good day, I decided to make a real dinner. I knew that Brian would loathe it, but for the first time in our marriage I believe, I decided I would make it anyway. Normally I cater to him (and he’s not that picky, so it’s not that hard), but this time, I really, really wanted to make this, knowing he would just about die when he ate it. I forewarned him and offered him leftovers, but he decided to try it anyway, saying that I’ve only ever made one meal that was totally inedible. He ate a big ol’ plate of it and when I asked him later how bad it was, he said, “Well… it was hard to swallow, but I did it!” The only downfall to him eating it? I LOVED it and wish there was more leftovers! Oh well. Anyway – I got the recipe off of, my favorite website, but as usual, I had to tweak it since I don’t have some of the ingredients. So, here’s my variation of allrecipe’s “Bahama Mama Pork Chops.”

  • I sliced up my 1/4 pineapple into chunks, but reserved four large slices in order to make juice. I used my lemon juicer, actually, to juice my pineapple and it worked just fine! Got just about 1/2 cup of juice out of 4 slices of pineapple. I can’t wait to get my blender so I can make juice out of these things!
  • I also sliced up large chunks of red pepper and red onion and one large carrot. I cooked the carrot separately; I figured it would be a good vegetable to add to the mixture, but not one that I wanted in with the sauce cooking.
  • I made my own chili sauce out of: 1/2cup pineapple juice, 1cup tomato sauce, a few Tablespoons of chili powder, pepper, salt, and a couple teaspoons of sugar.
  • To the sauce, I added all my pineapple, a handful of raisins, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • I browned three small pork chops with salt and pepper. Once they were brown, but before they were cooked through, I added the peppers, onions, and sauce mixture. My lid was otherwise occupied, so I just let that all simmer for about 15 minutes or so – until the chops were cooked through – flipping them occasionally.
  • The sauce was supposed to have cornstarch added to it before it was heated, but I don’t have cornstarch. So, I thought it would be fine. But, it was super watery, so Brian asked if I could thicken it up some. I added a few teaspoons of flour and whisked it quickly and PHEW it was NOT lumpy, much to my surprise.
  • We don’t own rice since we eat it at least once a day anyway, so I made noodles. However, this would’ve been much better with rice underneath.
  • For serving, I put the pasta down, then the pork chops on top, a couple spoonfuls of cooked carrots, then the sauce.
  • SO. GOOD.

Good enough that I woke up this morning going, “Wow, dinner last night was GOOD.” hehe… do I sound pregnant NOW??

Now the only thing that would make this week even better is if Brian and I could celebrate our anniversary. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe Sunday?? I sure hope so. I’d like to get a nice picture of us as well since this is year #5 and I’m good and pregnant right now. It’s about time for a “family picture.”

Finally a Good Day.

Today was a good start to the week – of which I’m so thankful for. The big kids were glad to have me back. Or at least mostly. My little girl was awfully quiet and couldn’t get her to say hardly anything this morning. Not sure what was going on, but that’s not completely a-typical, so I’m not too concerned. My oldest boy made a big, big mistake and all of his work for the year was erased from his computer so he was in a bad mood. We’re hoping his mom backed it up a few weeks ago like she said otherwise he has to start over and he’s been doing school since March. Poor kid. He wouldn’t have been able to do school anyway today because he left around 9:30 feeling horribly sick. Got what I had. I don’t envy him.

The afternoon was great~ I love those little girls. They’re practicing for a special chapel night this coming Thursday. It’s focusing on missions and we were asked to do something in English. They’re singing one of my favorite (albeit OLD) children’s songs, “Send God’s Word to Asia.” We’ve been practicing for almost three weeks now (even though last week was only for two days) on the pronunciation and the motions and today when they sang, they were completely understandable! They can point to the different continents on the map without help now. I’m hoping to get a good jump-start on geography with them this year since I discovered last year that my now 8th grader had no clue where most continents, much less countries, were. Anyway, these girls will not have that problem! They’re also quoting a verse from Isaiah. I believe it’s 45:13, but I can’t remember off the top of my head the reference. But, it’s the one that says, “Look to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God and there is no other.” It works out perfect because it’s their verse from last week and it fits in with missions. I’m quite excited for them. Even though it’s not much, they’re going to do a great job and I think that’s better than participating in a lot of things and doing a mediocre job.

I was able to eat real food tonight so I took my time prepping and cooking and it turned out really good. Dinner tonight was…

  • About 1/2 kilo of ground beef, browned with half a red onion and half an aji pepper, lots of garlic powder, chili powder, pepper, and salt.
  • Once it was all browned, I made a sauce out of tomato sauce (about 10oz or so), chili powder, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little bit of sugar, then some water to thin it out some. Added the sauce to the meat and let it sit for a few minutes warming through.
  • I poured it into the bottom of a 9×13 and added one carrot and two potatoes, thinly sliced, and a handful of peas (I should’ve salted the potatoes at least; totally forgot. They need salt since they go into the dish raw.).
  • On top, I put some homemade pie crust. I don’t have phyllo dough, so this is the next best thing. My recipe for pie crust makes a HUGE pie crust, so I halved the recipe and had more than enough. **My full recipe, for those interested, is my mom’s and I really like it — 1 cup flour mixed with 1tsp salt. Add 2/3 cup shortening (with the back of a fork — I don’t have shortening, so I substitute butter, not quite the same) until the mixture looks like crumbs. Add water, 1Tbsp at a time, until it holds together in a ball. Flour a surface and roll out to desired thickness.** I’ve found I can add garlic to the dough and it makes less pie-like and more dinner-like.
  • I placed the crust on top, kind of tucking it in and around the filling.
  • Baked at 200C for about 25min, though it could’ve gone a little longer.

And now this evening, Brian and I have enjoyed just relaxing together at home. We have finally found one crime show that we both agree on. He normally hates my crime shows, but this one he actually watches gladly with me. It’s called “Lie to Me” and we’d never heard of it before; maybe it’s been playing for awhile in the States, I don’t know. It’s about a human lie detector that helps solve crimes. It’s a totally different type of crime show and isn’t gruesome or detailed like some others out there. Although, can I just say, I don’t know why Brian thinks crime shows are nasty when he’ll sit through movies like “Death Race” without grimacing. Men.

So, a good start to what looks to be a nice week. Not too busy, not too quiet, just right. I feel like the Goldilocks of work weeks. 😉

Horrible, Very Bad Week.

Man, this week has been long. I’m really including my “week” since last Wednesday. So, I guess technically, it’s a week and a half. Still. It’s been long.

Thursday and Friday, I had what we’re assuming was a mix of Braxton Hicks contractions and ligament stretching. I’m pretty positive it was a mix just because of how the pain was. I know I helped cause it because I let a lot of things get to me and stressed myself out. Pregnancy tears are turning out to be my nemesis. Once I start crying, it’s like I just can’t stop, no matter if the situation warrants them or not! I think I just freaked myself out Wednesday night and then since I couldn’t calm down, my body reacted. I took Thursday afternoon and Friday off from school and kept my feet up. So, I felt like I wasted two days of school, but I really had no choice. Even when I talked to my doctor this week, she was adamant that when that happens, I have to do nothing and keep my feet up. I guess I did the right thing, no matter how stupid I felt.

Tuesday, we had our six month doctor appointment. Besides weight gain, everything is fine. I knew weight would come on eventually. I just hate seeing the scale go up no matter the cause.

However, when we left, I started feeling really sick. We ate dinner and the whole time, I kept telling Brian, “I do not feel good!” We did some shopping and I thought maybe it was just the heat in the store that was getting to me, but it wasn’t. Long about midnight, I knew I was sick. Wednesday, I was just miserable. Thursday, I felt somewhat better, but not great. Even today, I’m just not back to normal yet. So, another three days of no afternoon classes. I just get so frustrated with myself when that happens.

Then, last night, we sent a team of eight to a jungle city to do a 10-day evangelism trip. They left on a commercial bus and around 9pm, the bus ran into the back of a truck (or tractor trailer; we’re not sure which), at full speed. The truck apparently was stopped on the road with no lights and the driver didn’t see it. The driver was killed. Four of our people were taken to the hospital to get stitches, but seem to be okay. I guess there were serious injuries on the bus, but none of our people were seriously injured. The one girl that’s hurt really badly still isn’t serious. From what I’ve gathered, she was the only one that saw it coming and braced herself for it, but her face took the brunt of the impact. Everybody is okay, but pretty shook up. They’re supposed to be coming back home, but they were three hours away. The bus company had to send another bus for them, get them all to Lima, drop off the serious ones at the hospital, and bring the rest to the bus station where our men would pick up our small group. The bus that was to pick them up was late, so as of lunchtime, nobody had left to pick them up yet. So it could be evening before they get home. Naturally, the spouses and families that were here and did not go on the trip were anxious and had a horrible night. Praise the Lord, we didn’t have children on this trip! One young mom was going to go with her husband and take their 7mo old baby girl with them, but last minute, the baby got a cold and she decided to stay home with her. I just can’t even imagine what would’ve happened if children had been on the trip. This is the land of no carseats or seatbelts on buses and in a collision like that… oh, praise God nothing serious happened! As far as we know, the only fatality was the bus driver, which is normally unheard of – as in, normally there’s more than just one fatality. We could be wrong; all the details are still coming together. We’ll know more when they finally get home.

So, between horrible contractions, illness, and now the bus accident, it’s just been a long week! And today’s our anniversary. Brian has been fighting a cold all week and today, he feels like he’s getting what I’ve got (it’s apparently going around – my house cleaner just told me of two more students who have it, which makes the count up to five right now). We had plans for our anniversary, but they are SO not happening today. We’re going to try to reschedule for next week. I’m disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to the big #5 anniversary for awhile now. Our last one without a child, half a decade… it just seemed like a big deal.  And here I am, sick. Figures.

It’s times like this when I have a hard time not getting down on myself. I have a hard time not wondering why God brought me here knowing that I get sick so easily. It’s like my immune system is just SHOT since we moved. I feel like I’m the only one that ever gets sick, too. I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s frustrating, though. I feel like such a horrible missionary half the time. I mean, I know God wants us here, but I have a hard time knowing why, especially in times like these.

So… that’s this week. Oh, and in the midst of all the contractions, etc, our internet went out for almost 5 days straight! I couldn’t email, I couldn’t blog, and, worse of all, we couldn’t even google the symptoms to figure it out! We’ve become dependent on google… it’s like a missionary lifesaver. Internet is great, when we have it. But when we don’t… wow. Life can get tough real fast.

Sigh. So much for a happy anniversary blog piece. I’ll have to save that for another time when I’m in a more positive mood and actually feel like celebrating instead of sleeping.

Almost There…

Next week, we celebrate our fifth anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been five years now. Five wonderful years. I won’t bore you with details because I think I did that last year. But honestly, I’m so happy I married the man I did. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Some people say the first year is hardest. Others say the second is the hardest. Others say it just keeps getting harder. We have waited five years for it to get hard. We’re still not there yet. Yeah, we have our times when we, um, discuss things. My voice always seems to get louder during our discussions than Brian’s, for some reason. We have tried our hardest to not go to bed angry and I think that’s a been a lifesaver, or marriage saver. Brian and I have such different personalities, it’s amazing we manage. He’s much more even-tempered; I’m much more high-strung. He’s way more relaxed; I’m much more nervous. Yet somehow, we balance. We fit. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He’s just… wonderful. So, almost there – almost 5 full years of marriage! God is so good to us.

Toss a penny in the water, Wish upon a star

Search the ends of the earth, You’ll never find:

Love’s anointing straight from heaven sealed in a prayer

Everything that binds your heart with mine.

Tender grace led us here; no better place to be

In your arms, with your love, I find the other half of me.

I’ve dreamed of this day, of this hour

My soul’s longed a lifetime to see

The face of my bride, my desire, the one I’d die for, who makes me complete

And now you stand before me today

And with all my heart I say

That you are God’s miracle to me.

I just tremble dreaming of you, God’s gift to me.

Knowing deep within my soul I marry my friend.

This to you I vow and promise all of my life

With a love only God can send.

You have stolen my heart with a glance of your eyes

And now all that I am is forever by your side.

This moment so dear, for all the world to hear,

I’ll sing of this union divine.

God looked forward to this day, to bring this miracle my way

He rejoiced of our love since the beginning of time.

More than any song, more than any dream

More than all I am, more than anything

You are God’s miracle

Miracle to me.

Our wedding song, “Miracle to Me” by Denver Bierman

Up Early.

It’s Friday and for some reason, I’m awake before 7. For most of you, that probably sounds like I slept in. However, MY baby is not here yet, therefore, I find no problems with sleeping in til 8 normally. 🙂 So anyway, Thursdays are my roughest day of the week. For some reason, I am just DONE by Thursday afternoon. We have chapel Thursday evenings and I wish I could go, but most of the time, I’m sound asleep by 8 and just can’t bring myself to leave the house before then. So last night, I was out early and slept like a rock.

And so far today, I can think of only two things:

  1. Pregnancy dreams are WEIRD.
  2. It is genuinely COLD in our house this morning – even my water next to my bed is just plain COLD.

That’s pretty much it. I think it’s too early to have cohesive thoughts. I’m watching Fox news and the random thoughts about the news that I’m having are…

  • Kelly Pickler (who will be performing live) DEFINITElY got a boob job after American Idol no matter how much she denies it.
  • I’m so glad they caught Joran Van der Sloot and I hope they nail him this time and he rots in a Peruvian jail, preferably after saying what he did to poor Natalee Holloway.
  • Stupid oil disaster is going to ruin America’s best beaches.

And since that’s basically all they’re talking about, that’s as far as my thoughts go.

This weekend is a big ol’ yardsale at a Christian school 40 minutes from here. It looks like I’m going to get to go this year, which is quite exciting. Last year, I think I wasn’t feeling well and would’ve had to have been gone all day, so I stayed home. This year, the main problem was transportation. But, looks like some space in a couple cars has opened up, so I even have options. 🙂 My only thing now is that I still don’t want to be gone all day long; I’d rather just go, shop, and come home. So, I have to figure that out still. But if all goes well, I’ll get to go to! It’s this big yardsale with a big conglomeration of items, including books for my school and baby stuff for us. Yardsales are not horribly common here in Peru, although they do happen, so this one is like a big deal with lots of people in attendance. We may find nothing and then again, we might hit the jackpot.

Sunday, we’re supposed to Skype with our sending church. During the morning service, the kids have their own special service, like a charged up jr. church, called Kids Alive. The main leader of Kids Alive is a good friend of mine and she decided that the kids needed a goal for part of their summer. That goal has ended up being… raising money for us to buy a crib. A team of teenagers from our sending church is coming July 1 and they will bring the kids’ offering with them and Brian will go shopping for a crib with them while they’re here. So generous! So Sunday morning, we’re supposed to Skype with the kids and talk with them for awhile. I hope our internet is good enough! It’d be really cool to get to talk with them.

We are also basically out of groceries, so it’d be REALLY nice to go grocery shopping sometime this weekend, probably Sunday. We’re down to a little bit of chicken, half an onion, and 4 potatoes, along with some random stuff. We might end up eating powdered soup if we’re not careful.

Our car is in the shop and coming along. Brian visited it Wednesday. They have had to take the engine OUT of the car to completely rebuild it. They were going to replace part of the top of the engine… and those parts don’t exist anymore. So, they decided to just rebuild it from scratch, at no extra charge to us. It’s probably going to take a few more weeks, unfortunately, but Brian’s convinced the car will be wonderful when we finally DO get it. Until then, we’ll just keep making do. A car, at this point, is going to be such a luxury. I’m pretty sure we won’t be taking it for granted.

Well. I’ve been awake for 30 minutes and I feel like I need a nap. That’s not a good sign. I better sign off from here for now…


There are things this week that have just been sweet, for a variety of reasons…

  • The return of our director and his family after a three month visit to the States.
  • Three days of sun, in a row, even if the wind was chilly and fog showed up in the afternoons.
  • Spontaneous kisses from my husband, followed with the words, “I don’t care what people say; I think you’re adorably beautiful these days!”
  • Gifts from a friend from high school and his sweet wife, for our sweet baby girl – including a gorgeous board book called “Good Night Vermont.” So stinkin’ cute I can’t even describe it to you!
  • Gifts from my parents, addressed on the package: “To our sweet Elena Ruth from Grandma and Grandpa.” Made my heart melt.
  • The adorable onesie that says, “Daddy’s Little Sweetie.” I can’t wait to put that on my little baby girl!
  • My sweet little girls telling me what they want to be when they grow up. I have a little missionary and a little cosmetologist. They were so proud of their future ambitions! My little missionary said, “I want to live here at camp and help my family.” My little cosmetologist said, “I want to live in town and own my own store with 10 helpers!” 🙂 I love their dreams.
  • Going to our local market for the first time since, I believe, before Christmas! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Anyway – ate one of my favorite things on earth: an empanada. Holy sweetness, I love those things.
  • Hearing my students ask every day if they can feel Elena yet and having friends already call her their “sobrinita” (little niece).
  • Getting almost daily emails from my mother about gifts being sent to us that will arrive in July. People are so sweet to us.

What’s sweet in your life these days?

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