Well, birthday #27 has come and gone. It was actually a really nice, quiet day. We had no electricity from the night before until mid-morning the day of, so I couldn’t have class in the morning (it’s all done on computers). As soon as Brian fixed the electricity, he was home for the day, which never, ever happens. In the afternoon, I made rolls while my little girls watched “Horton Hears a Who” for English class. Fun fun! Then it was on to dinner. And what a wonderful birthday dinner it was! Brian picked out some nice steaks (which are super hard to come by here – most steaks are very tough in comparison to beautiful Angus beef in SD). We splurged on a can of sweet corn, imported from the States (corn here is all field corn and by no means small or sweet). I made mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and cheesecake. So. Heavenly. Perfect day.

This is the first birthday I’ve had in awhile where I haven’t cried, to be honest. I’ve wanted to be a mom for so long and every year that went by without a baby felt like a wasted year to me. I know they weren’t, but it was tough seeing my friends moving on to Baby #3 and we hadn’t even had Baby #1 yet. This year, Baby #1 is cooking away and will be here soon. That’s just… a perfect gift.

~Change of Subject~

I was by myself all day Saturday, with strict instructions to take it easy. So, I watched TV. I found a movie called “Pregnancy Pact.” It was based on the true story that happened in Gloucester, Mass, back in 2008, where a bunch of high school girls allegedly made a pact to all get pregnant at the same time. This movie was based on that, but they had a screen come up twice saying that any similarities was merely coincidental. Anyway – I found the movie to be very sad, but awfully thought-provoking. So, here’s some things I’m curious to know your opinion on:

–In giving out free condoms to teenagers, are we encouraging premarital sex or preventing pregnancies? Which one is better?

–My personal take after watching this video, and something I’ve thought all along: Parents and teachers can talk until they’re blue in the face about abstinence, but ultimately, it comes down to a personal choice every teenager will need to make for themselves. I was thinking about my family and another family I grew up with. Both families had 3 kids – two girls and a boy – and we were all the same age. We grew up in the same Christian school, youth group, and church. Had the same friends. Our parents had the same moral values and ethics and taught them in basically the same manner to us. But, both of their daughters slept around before they got married and my siblings and I did not. What was the difference? In my opinion, personal choice. What do you guys think? And how can we instill in our children the importance of waiting without sounding like a broken, out of touch record?

–In the movie, the girls were all asked why they did it – why did they choose to become pregnant. All of them talked about how bad their home lives were – how they had moms that weren’t there for them, no dads, bad relationships with parents, etc etc. Then, they said how different they will be when they’re moms. They wanted companions who will never leave them. They wanted to do right by these children because they thought they had been treated unfairly all their lives. How incredibly sad, isn’t it? And yet, they made a point in the movie saying that most children born to under-age moms are abused and neglected and end up in foster care. Well, duh. These girls were children themselves! Children should not be having children. I guess this paragraph wasn’t really a question, just an observation.

Quite a bit to think about. It got me thinking about how Brian and I will handle this issue with our children. I started writing a very frank letter to my Elena this weekend that I should probably finish. I thought maybe I’d write her something from my heart that I’ll give to her when she’s old enough. I know that would’ve worked for me if I’d like “heard from my mom’s past.” 🙂 We’ll see. Probably by the time she’s old enough to read it, I will have lost it.

So, just curious what your thoughts are on this whole thing! Sad that it’s even something to think about seriously.