My word. Has it seriously been MONTHS since I last wrote? Believe it or not, every week I think, “I should blog.” And then life happens and blogging gets left behind. Let me try to sum up our life in quick, cute, little bullet points.

  • The shingles lasted until towards the end of September. I went through two solid weeks of bed rest and isolation. That was boring.
  • Basically as soon as I was cleared from the shingles, Elena decided to come.
  • I spent five days in the clinic because at first, Elena was taking her sweet time. And then, I had a reaction to induction medication. Elena’s heartrate sky-rocked to 190 after my 2-hr contraction (that didn’t even register on the monitor) didn’t let up. So, they whisked me away to an emergency c-section. It was a lot more traumatic than I’m making it sound; I just can’t go into more detail than this without giving myself new nightmares. Still. Trust me, it was rough. Worse part? Not being able to say goodbye to Brian and then being gone for three hours with him thinking I’d died. Like I said, it was rough.
  • Thanks to the c-section, I was basically useless for the first about two weeks after Elena was born. Brian did basically everything but feed the poor child for awhile. Post-partum depression is ROUGH and REAL. Praise the Lord I had a husband who didn’t leave my side, a mom who figured out how to call South America for cheap so we could talk every day, and a God who truly was my Father. Otherwise, I’m just not sure how all that would’ve turned out.
  • Less than a month after the c, I found out I needed to be back in the school because the woman subbing for me couldn’t do it anymore. I just couldn’t do it yet, so I turned the school over to a girl visiting from Germany for a year. It went okay. The stress of school on top of shingles on top of c-section on top of newborn on top of PPD about drove me insane, but what are you gonna do? I put off school for another like week or so? I can’t remember. And now, I’m in there for about an hour and a half in the mornings and about an hour and a half in the afternoons. It’s been going well and I’m glad to be back now that I can do it. I missed my kids. I missed teaching. It’s taken awhile to get the school back to where it was before I left and to figure out where the kids were, but now, we’ve got the rhythm back… only to end in just 3 more days! 🙂
  • My baby shower was the 10th of November. It was nice being able to celebrate Elena and of course, it was my first baby shower, so that was fun.
  • This past week, I was asked to organize a Thanksgiving dinner and program for the Bible school. They always celebrate Thanksgiving here, though not in the traditional American sense. There are a few Americans here, so I think that’s what started it. Actually – now that I think about it – I think it started a few years ago when an older couple from BCM International came down and taught over Thanksgiving time and so they thought they’d honor them with a Thanksgiving dinner since they wouldn’t be home for it. Then, it just turned into a tradition. It gives the Bible school a time for the kids to give thanks for the year (we finish in December here) and it’s just a nice evening. Anyway – last year, Brian and I were on the team organizing it and then I was asked to head it up this year. It was a lot of work, especially since I had less than two weeks to pull it all together. But, it came off good! My kids said verses and sang – in English – and did such a wonderful job.
  • Today we had a Thanksgiving meal with the other American couple on campus and a few other friends. It was nice celebrating Thanksgiving since I didn’t have time to do anything special for us during the week.
  • Now, we’re gearing up for our first furlough! We leave this coming Thursday for the States and will be gone until the very beginning of March. In a way, it feels like forever. But, in reality, it’s hardly any time at all. We’re really excited about going home, but there’s also the trepidation of leaving everything here. We’re leaving our house with friends. More importantly, Brian is leaving allllll of his many jobs to others. There’s a lot that goes into Brian’s work and it’s just now in a nice rhythm, so leaving for 3 months has him a little concerned. But, we have to go back, so we’ll just have to see how it goes!

I guess I’ve had legitimate reasons for not blogging, come to think of it. 🙂 Thankfully, though, Elena is a pretty easy baby. She’s always only gotten up once at night since about two weeks old. She’s now going to bed around 9:30 and getting up at 3, back down at 3:30, and up at 7. Not too shabby. The hard part now is getting her to nap during the day. She’s discovered just this week that there’s more to life than sleeping and now, she’s refusing to sleep during the day. Makes for a fussy baby, but a good night sleeper! Right now, she’s happy as a lark sitting in her bouncy chair. She’s smiling at and hitting her toys, making the chair bounce, which makes her smile more, all the while jabbering to herself. She’s so fun. 🙂 I love being a mom.

Elena at two weeks

Elena at a week or so old – sleeping in her drawer!

all dressed up for her baby shower in a dress from Grandma

eating her boppy

elena and mommy