We’ve been back in Peru for about 3 weeks now. Elena is sound asleep on my lap and so I’m reaching around her in order to finally type an entry on this, poor neglected blog of mine! Let’s see if I can cover the last few months succinctly:

~~The three months in the States were so wonderful, yet went so quickly. I did most of the things I wanted to do, and yet, I somehow feel like I left a lot undone. I don’t know if it’ll always be this way when we go back on furlough, but this time for sure, I feel like I did not do many of the things I wanted to be sure to do. I know I didn’t spend enough time with friends. I know I didn’t buy some of the things I wanted to be sure to bring back with me (the cherished peanut butter is still in Walmart…I have no clue how that happened). I loved seeing everyone and introducing my daughter to everyone. I have to admit, I had a very hard time leaving my family. I didn’t let myself cry until the day we left and then I lost it. I thought I would make myself sick I cried so hard with my mom. Our flight was late leaving and I’m actually glad we had the extra two hours in the airport so I could kind of gather myself and finish my mourning even before getting on the plane. By the time we landed, I was pretty okay, although it took about a week to really feel “here.”

~~Since being back, I’ve had to do piles and piles of laundry. Today is the first day since we got back that I haven’t done laundry! We had washed everything and put it into  totes and suitcases. I thought it would all be okay, but when I pulled the stuff out, it all smelled just horrendous. I decided to just freshen everything up and it has taken forever. I finally feel like the house is *almost* back in order. With a baby who’s actually using her room and a storage room that’s doubling as a tool shed and needs to be converted to a guest room by April 7, we still have a ways to go.

~~School begins Monday the 28th and I actually feel totally relaxed about the start of school. I have a girl that has helped get the classroom cleaned and organized and wow, was she ever a huge help! Usually I get an afternoon of about 7 women who clean frantically and that works great, but this year, we took our time and she has helped with more than just the basic cleaning, so I feel like the school looks really good. She has ideas for painting our giant, blank wall and she’ll also be helping me arrange the desks and tables. I went through today and threw out tons and tons of JUNK that has been there for the past two years and we have never, ever used. So much of it will be sold at a yardsale at the end of May, the rest got thrown out. It’s like…liberating!

~~Elena has grown and changed so much these months. It really is amazing the difference between newborn and baby. She is all baby – the chubby legs, the toothless grin, the little bald patch on the back of her head, putting everything in her drooly mouth… it’s such a fun stage! She has two little bottom teeth with two top teeth well on their way. She rolls over, she likes to sit up (although she loses her balance quite easily), and like I said, absolutely everything goes straight to her mouth. We started her on baby cereal this week and she loooves it. She would eat everything, I think. If she’s near us while we’re drinking, she grabs the cup or water bottle and pulls it to her mouth and tries to drink out of it. If ever there was a baby ready for food, she is it. ~~

  • I would have to say I’m a little nervous about school this year. Elena has also reached the stage of being very needy, very clingy. She doesn’t like it when I leave the room or if she can’t see me or if she’s left with someone else (her daddy included). I went to a wedding by myself the other week and I found out when I got home that she had cried almost the entire time I had been gone (about 3 hours) – even with a full tummy, clean diaper, lots of sleep, and her daddy. I walked into the house and tears were done. Frustrates Brian to no end. I will be at the school from 9-5 (with 1-2 for lunch), Monday through Friday. Elena will be with me in the morning and then with a babysitter and Daddy in the afternoon. The only problems? 1 – She’s still nursing, so I will either have to find the time to pump or take breaks to nurse, probably both since she needs to eat once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon. 2 – She needs a nap in the middle of the morning and that will require us coming home so I can get her to lay down and take a nap, which these days takes a good hour and a half or more depending on her mood. 3 – She HATES when I leave…how in the world will she handle me being gone 3 hours a day? I anticipate the first few weeks of school being really difficult.
  • I’m also teaching six kids this year – count ’em – 6. 11th grade, 9th grade, 4th grade, two 1st graders, and a Kindergartener. We weren’t planning on doing kindergarten again this year, but she really needs something this year, so we’re starting her slowly this year. The 11th grader won’t be around every day, but he will be around more frequently than last year (so I understand). I’ll be working extensively with the 4th grader, and then actually teaching 1st grade and kindergarten (3 days a week, 2 hours a day).
  • We are doing a lot of hospitality this year. We did quite a bit in 2009, but last year, with the pregnancy, we didn’t do hardly any. This year, I’ll be back to helping the visitors, like briefing them when they arrive, helping with their schedules, and then housing quite a few. We house our first guests on April 7 for 5 days. The main guest this year will be a 16 year old girl for 5 weeks in June/July. That’s a long time! I hope she can stand us for that long! 🙂 Our goal this weekend: Buy a bedroom set for the spare room and a dining room table. Our goal for the next month: Install flooring on our downstairs! (it’s still just plywood)

Well, I hope that fills you in somewhat. Next time I write it should be more indepth and not read like a newsletter.

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