Por fin.

Por Fin = FINALLY! We have internet. There was just so many complications and little issues and the moving of giant, six story towers, and finally! Por fin!, we’re all connected up! And it seems to be faster than before which is a definite plus. I have missed blogging and most of all, I have missed being connected to friends and family via the all powerful Facebook. Now that we’re back online, I really hope to be able to blog a lot more often and get back into the swing of things here.

Getting back to Peru had its ups and downs at the beginning to be honest. Things started out a little rough and we really questioned whether we should stay or not. And then it extended to, well, let’s see how these next two years go and then go from there. And now, finally – por fin, we’re back to thinking we’ll be here for the long haul. I just pray we won’t have these issues each time we come back from furlough. Any of you had that experience? I think we needed a little more training on how to handle furloughs and returns to the field.

Now, we’re back into our regular schedules. My days go something like this:

  • Elena is up by 6:30 and Brian takes her downstairs until about 8. They play, nap, and then share a banana.
  • I’m ready for the day by 8 when I nurse my baby… something that I feel will be soon ending unfortunately.
  • School starts at 9. Or 9:10. I’m notoriously late. We start with a short devotional. Currently, I’m teaching my two older kids the miracles of ┬áJesus in chronological order.
  • I tutor my 4th grader until 11 when, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays my preschooler shows up.
  • “Preschool” (or a Lisa-Variation thereof) is from 11-12:30 (sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on fussy baby pants…Elena, not the preschooler)
  • Lunch! Elena is currently eating carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, rice cereal, and banana…mmmm! And she nurses again. Man, I’m gonna miss those times together when she finally stops.
  • Back to school by 2. Elena is with her babysitter in the afternoons, normally napping and then playing while she cleans my house.
  • In the afternoons, I teach 2 first graders. Honestly, this is like the highlight of my school day. It’s a blast. I love the Sonlight curriculum, I love my girls, and the time flllies.
  • Home by 5. Dinner with Elena and another nursing session.
  • Make our dinner, normally with Elenabug following me around in her walker begging to be held or played with or laughed at or talked to or… or… or…
  • Dinner with Brian, dishes, and some chill time as a family while Elena takes one more nap (if we’re lucky, she konks out before we eat so we eat in peace and quiet).
  • Play with Elena (aka – keep the baby awake until bedtime) until around 8 when it’s pj’s, evening nursing time, and bedtime for our little ladybug.
  • Elena’s down by 8:30. Brian’s down by like 9. “Me-time” until 10 or so and then LIGHTS OUT.
Fridays, we switch it up a little. I take an hour every Friday morning to do either art, gym, or music with my 5 girls (1 of which I don’t teach during the week). Then in the afternoons, I don’t teach all afternoon; I take an hour with each 1st grader alone to kind of work one-on-one in their different areas because they’re both on different levels. And then I’m done. phew. Weekends are a welcome event. Although this one includes a baby shower and two birthday parties, so it won’t be too relaxing!
And such is life at the moment. Elena is my joy, my love. She eats like a trooper and cries when all her food is gone. She’s got a little bit of an attitude and her sin nature is becoming more and more apparent. And speaking of the little one, she has awakened and thinks it’s a good idea to hit my keyboard so I should get going… Shall return soon!

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