We have been back in Peru two months now. Feels like an eternity! We have both felt numerous time that Satan does not want us here. He has been working his hardest against us and we’re feeling it. This week was just another one of those weeks.

Brian went to a friend’s house on Monday to help out and something he ate there made him horribly ill. WOW. He was sick for four days with a flu just a few weeks ago and so I think his immune system is down somewhat, which is probably why he got so sick this time around. By 9pm, he was sicker than a dog. I was up until 2am with him, researching online on what to do and keeping him company. We came horribly close to loading up Elena and going to a clinic, but shortly after we decided to go, his stomach cramps began to ease and we decided to wait it out. He was awfully sick Tuesday and even Wednesday, he still had stomach cramps. Then, Thursday morning, I woke up sick. ugh. Totally different symptoms, but still sick. And Brian managed to get a taste of THAT, too! Good grief! Today, I’m feeling miles better, but I think I got slightly dehydrated (I’m still nursing and I’m positive I didn’t watch my fluid intake well enough yesterday) and I haven’t eaten well since Wednesday, so I’m taking it easy today. Brian is finally feeling more like himself and so is getting slowly back to work.

That was just part of this week.

The other half has to do with one of my students. I have been a little concerned about one of my students for awhile now, but never really thought anything more of it than just that maybe she needed to study a little harder. But, just this week, some key things really fell into place. My husband had suggested that maybe she had a learning disability about a month ago, but I shrugged it off. A few other people told me they think she’s “slow.” I hated that label. HATED it. And totally did not believe it. I still don’t. But, this week, I was about at the end of my rope. I happened to be chatting with a friend online, back in the States, who is a teacher. I explained some of the situation to her and immediately she said, “She’s dyslexic.” At first, I didn’t believe her. It didn’t seem to fit. But, she encouraged me to do more research, so I did and…. yeah. She fits the profile.

So now I’m sitting here going, “Now what?”

I have promised her that I will be learning more on how to help her. I have promised her parents that we will work through this and figure it out.

I just have no idea how.

I’m researching, drawing advice from friends, and seeing if any of you out there in cyberworld have any ideas. Keep in mind, she is not bilingual, but is doing school in English. She is not yet speaking in English very much. It’s a totally new situation. I am just completely baffled.

Stuff like this, though, makes me think that THIS is why I’m here. The odds of her finding out she has dyslexia while in a public school are very slim. Her parents had never even heard of it. She has already been labeled as “dumb”, “lazy”, “slow”… and she’s none of that. She has horrible self-esteem and has been having a rough time making friends. If I can help her… change her future… give her confidence for now… that’d be… wonderful.

On another note – I’ve been teaching through the miracles of Jesus to my older kids. I think it’s having more of an impact on me than on them. I taught the miracle of the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years and then just touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. She was in a crowd of people and yet was the only one who had the faith to believe that she merely had to touch Him and be healed. I acted out how she would’ve had to have been walking in order to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe while walking through a crowd. I tried to help them realize that she would’ve been an outcast – someone who wouldn’t have even been allowed to enter the temple these last 12 years because the bleeding would have made her unclean. She had spent her life’s savings on doctors and yet, had nothing to show for it. This was her last hope. She just wanted to touch Him. That’s it. And He healed her. Just one touch. Nicole C Mullen does a song called “One Touch” based on this miracle. Here’s the youtube video of her singing it at the Crystal Cathedral. I’m not promoting the Crystal Cathedral, but I am promoting this song!

And with that I leave you for now. Be blessed.