Thursday evening, I came home from school, walked in the door, and heard these words from my well-meaning husband:

“Elena fell today.”

My heart sank.

We have pieced the story together and as best we know, here is what happened.

Elena is with her sitter, Eva, every afternoon from 2:30-5. Eva is an 18 year old girl from the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru. She’s a real sweetheart. She began cleaning my home last year and now she cleans when she has a chance and watches the baby the rest of the time. She’s wonderful. We trust her completely. She does what we ask and takes care of Elena how we have asked her to, which I greatly appreciate. [Just, FYI, all the students have work hours every afternoon and each of us missionary women pay half the monthly tuition of one student to clean our homes/watch our kids.] Here she is with baby Elena at my baby shower last October:

Every afternoon, Eva puts Elena down for her nap. They go upstairs and Eva rocks Elena in my rocking chair until Elena falls asleep and then she puts her in her crib. Here is said rocking chair:

Okay, so the focus in this picture is obviously her crib, but you can see the chair in the corner there. It was one of the big things I wanted before Elena was born. Every year, there is a big yard sale at a local Christian school for MK’s and last year, we bought pretty much all our baby supplies there, including this chair. It’s surprisingly comfortable and exactly what I wanted.

I have to admit, it has one flaw: the right arm lifts up a bit and you have to like hit it back down. No big deal, though.


Okay, so, Brian just *happened* to be home when he heard a HUGE *C*R*A*S*H*/BANG/THUD/C-R-A-C-K….. and then a SCREAM from my baby girl. He RAN upstairs and found Eva smooshed in the corner with her head against that wall, Elena being held up in the air, and the rocking chair on top of her.


Eva was rocking Elena and Elena fell asleep on Eva’s chest [we’re pretty sure Eva fell asleep, too, whether she knew it or not]. Eva said Elena jumped in her sleep and it startled Eva. She moved and thought she heard a crack. Thinking the back of the chair had broke, she shifted to her right, only to find that it was the side that was broken and of course, it just gave. The chair flipped to the right and since it was close to the wall, Eva got stuck against the wall. Somehow when she fell, the entire chair just crumbled. She fell hard, too, because pieces of the chair were everywhere and her glasses were across the room — crazy hard. Brian’s pretty sure Eva got knocked out, too, by how she was acting and how she couldn’t remember it all. Brian got Elena calmed down, but naturally, she just clung to him and wouldn’t go back to Eva. I checked on Eva that evening and she was okay. She was pretty shaken up and worried that I wouldn’t trust her with Elena ever again and her head hurt horribly bad. I’m pretty sure she has a concussion. I need to check on her again tomorrow (she was gone on ministry all weekend) and make sure she’s resting if she got a concussion. Poor thing.

Once I heard the story and saw the chair…

…I was just thankful they weren’t hurt worse. I’m not 100% sure how it happened, like why the chair just fell apart and how they fell so hard, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. It could’ve happened to any of us; definitely not Eva’s fault. Just glad they’re both okay! She had to get her first bump somehow! At least the story’s interesting and not, “Mom let me fall off the changing table.” ya know?

Here’s her big, beautiful battle scar [which has since disappeared, although she has a little cut still]:

As you can tell, she’s fine. 🙂