Saturday was our 6th Anniversary.
I am so thankful I married this man. He is by far the most wonderful person I have in my life. I wouldn’t trade a moment, good or bad, that I’ve had with him.

Last year was rough on me. The pregnancy was not always easy and then the delivery was a nightmare. But, through the whole 9 months, Brian was so incredibly faithful. He took care of me in the jungle when we were nervous that I was just plain sick, not pregnant. When we got home from the jungle and I had the worst case of “morning” sickness EVER, he did the dishes (because the soap made me nauseous); he took out the trash (because the trash made me nauseous); he cleaned the bathrooms (because the cleaner and bending over to clean the shower made me nauseous); he swept the house (because moving around made me dizzy); he made the meals (because standing made me dizzy and cooking made me nauseous); he gave up his side of the bed (so I could see the TV when I was awake at 2am, nauseous); he went grocery shopping alone (because the heat and the smells in the store plus the drive there made me nauseous)…. get the picture? 

Then, after all that was over, I had that stupid dog jump on me which made me SO SORE I could barely move. I’ll never, ever forget when that happened — I screamed for Brian to come rescue me from this stupid dog and by the time we got inside, I was shaking so hard, I couldn’t stand. The look on Brian’s face made me realize how very, very much he cared about me and our unborn child. He was absolutely terrified that something serious had happened to me or the baby. He was so gentle as he looked me over for anything serious. And then he was so serious when he made me stay in bed and do basically nothing because he was worried I would get worse.

THEN, after ALL THAT, I got those horrible shingles! The night they started appearing, I could barely move because the pain in my back was debilitating. I collapsed on the floor and just sobbed. Brian had no idea what was wrong, but he was right there with me trying to figure it out. He made all the meals for us, checked on me constantly during his work day, put the music he knows I love on my iPod so I could have something different to do, and he never cringed when I looked absolutely disgusting with those nasty blisters.

I have never needed anyone the way I needed my husband last year. My c-section was miserable and I was laid up for quite awhile afterwards. I don’t know why it was so bad, but I just felt like I’d never get better. I was in almost constant pain from August to January – to the point where some nights I would just lie in bed and sob because I hurt so bad and there was nothing I could do about it. And Brian? He would hold me and help me and comfort me and never once did he complain.

I think that’s what strikes me the most. He never complained. He hates doing dishes and cleaning the house and cooking. I mean, he like DETESTS doing dishes. It’s not a simple, “Eh, I don’t like dishes.” It’s this passion of hating dishes. And for months on end, he did them for me. No complaints. He never complained last year. He never told me to get over it. He never asked me to do more than he thought I was able to. He showed me what love truly is. And it’s so much bigger than all that high school junk we all dealt with. I mean, really, how many of your high school boyfriends would do all that and then still love you and stay with you for years to come?

So, THAT is my husband. Saturday we celebrated our 6 years together by doing….absolutely nothing of importance. And it was wonderful. We went to our local mall, which is HUGE in comparison to what we both grew up with, and just hung out for the day. And it was bliss. I made us our annual cheesecake on Sunday, which was also bliss. 🙂

Sunday was Brian’s first Father’s Day. It was nice – we spent it with our pastor and his family and some other missionaries, not with our organization. It was nice talking with Americans and hearing stories of Peru from 30 years ago (our pastor has been here a long time) and, honestly, getting to know people we don’t work with every day! 🙂 It felt nice to branch out and make new friends.

This was yet another Father’s Day far away from my own dad. I love my dad and thankfully, he’ll be here in January to take a break from PA’s cold winter, see his granddaughter, and spend time with us. Just a few more months…

My dad with my baby, Christmas Eve ’10