Ah, birthdays. On the plus and down side, I share mine with my husband! 🙂 Honestly, how weird is that? Oh well. I think it’s sweet. And I never need to worry about him forgetting my birthday!

We have developed some nice traditions. The one that we’ve had since we first got married is to have a new cheesecake each year. This year was Caramel Macchiato. Mmmm. Wow. The difference in this one was that it included 1/4 cup of strong coffee. I put on top a Peruvian spread called manjar blanco. It’s very caramely in taste and texture and completed the “caramel” aspect since we don’t have caramel ice cream topping. [Unfortunately, I think the little bit of coffee in there was strong enough to give me a caffeine boost (I don’t drink caffeine) so it’s pushing 12:30am and I’m still wide awake. Just me, “Psych”, and the internet!]

Brian did a great job this year with my gift. He knows me super well and so normally, he gets me multiple gifts just because he knows I enjoy opening presents (yes, I am still 5 at heart). This year, I just got one. But, oh was it perfect. I’ve been asking for a new purse/bag for awhile now. I’m totally content with a hippy bag from the street market. Brian, in his own subtle way, would rather I left behind my hippy tendencies and got a “mature” bag. Sigh. It worked. The one he got me is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

I lovelovelovelovelove this bag!! He did such a great job. But, then he made me something. He made me this:

When we lived in South Dakota, Brian made me this beautiful wishing well for my backyard. It was gorgeous! He also made me this really neat fountain that looked like a birdhouse on top, but had a spigot on the front where the water came out like a fountain. And then… we moved. I didn’t even get to enjoy my fountain. We left it with my parents. My wishing well, though… it’s still in South Dakota, in the backyard of our house that we sold. We drive past our house every time we’re back there and I gaze longingly at my wishing well – basically the only remnant there that shows that the house once belonged to us.

Skip ahead to moving to Peru. One of the first things I noticed when we moved here were all the hummingbirds. We have a gorgeous, varied assortment of hummingbirds here. I’ve always liked hummingbirds and here, there’s like a whole new breed of them! Especially when I was pregnant, I’d comment to Brian how much I’d like to have a hummingbird feeder so I could watch the hummingbirds.

And so, what did Brian do? He made me a hummingbird feeder that looks like my old wishing well. Tomorrow he’ll be setting it up outside my kitchen window. I love my husband.

He laughed when he showed it to me and said, “It’s so ugly, isn’t it?!” I didn’t think so, but he went on to say that he did it all by hand and he made it imperfect on purpose because he didn’t want it to get stolen. Awww ~ he even thought of that! I love my husband.

In return, I made Brian:

I got the idea from a friend’s blog. She made date nights for every two weeks for a year, all going with the alphabet. I’m not that creative. Or industrious. And neither of us would ever do some of the things she had on her list! We’re just not that outgoing. But, I did make them for once a month from August 2011 – July 2012.

The back looks like this:

I tried to think of things we like to do or would like to do, so my list includes:

  • Candlelight dinners after Elena goes to bed.
  • Movie and popcorn nights.
  • Wii game nights [we invested in a Wii before coming back to Peru this time.]
  • Regular board game nights.
  • A picnic on the beach.
  • Walking around one of our favorite, giant stores for the afternoon.
  • Ice cream in the mall.
….to name a few.
I think it’ll be fun! I plan on taking pictures to document our year. Hopefully it will also achieve the purpose of making us closer as a couple, too.
I definitely feel blessed this year. I love being a mommy on my birthday. Definitely worth the wait. Here’s to a new year!
Thank you, Lord, for giving me the gift of life. Help me to use it wisely and for Your glory.