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A word on Perspective:

Yesterday, we were in a poorer area outside of Lima doing some shopping for Brian’s maintenance projects. We needed to pick up some groceries, so we stopped in at a new one of these:

We were almost done shopping when Brian leaned over and said, “I don’t want to shop here anymore.” I couldn’t figure out why until he explained: we were the only ones in the entire store with a shopping cart full of items. Everyone else had one or two essentials. We had… a cartful. And we’re white. Ah shoot. We were almost done, so we thought we’d just hurry up and get out of there and never return when, naturally, we saw someone we know. Not just someone we know. Someone we work with. And all of a sudden, our full cart stood out like a sore thumb next to their shopping cart that had maybe four items in it. I wanted to crawl into a corner and hide. We knew the items in our cart would cost more than they probably earn in a month. We hadn’t shopped for anything unusual or unneeded, either. And then I looked at their cart… and I looked at mine… and I thought… “What is really needed?” We checked out and were given little gifts from the store because we’d purchased so much stuff. The sad part? We hadn’t even spent our grocery budget. Oy vey. Humbling. And you know what? Our monthly salary is not something we could even live on in the States it’s so low. And yet… we’re RICH here. You want perspective? Go overseas to a third world country just once. It’ll change how you view every single thing you do – down to your weekly grocery shopping. 

A word on Plans

I’m not on Pinterest (nor do I desire to be!), but I saw this posted on someone’s blog and I love it. Love it! Love this idea. [have I mentioned I love this?]

Postcard Calendar Journal

I’m going to invest in 3×5 cards and other cute little papers and have Brian help me make a box and I’m going to do this starting in January (or…thereabouts). The idea: write down one thing that happened each day of the year, but keep the cards for the following years, so you can have a fun, little, simple family journal at your fingertips. I found this the day after I found myself thinking, “I need to journal more!” Cha-ching. I can so do this.

Thoughts on el Prospero Año Nuevo:

Christmas has come and gone… far too quickly, as usual. We had a lovely Christmas – we dragged it out all day long and ended really celebrating Monday evening. I found myself thinking, “Oh, Christmas in the future with a house full of children is going to be a blast!”

This weekend, we’re going to celebrate the New Year Biegert style. This is the one tradition that has remained steadfast for 7 full years and we’re not about to break it this year. We love (love, love, love) spending New Year’s Eve at home. I know, it’s a party night, but in the States (where this tradition originated – in Brian’s family), there are lots of drunk drivers out and it’s freezing (note: *freeeeezing*) cold. So, Brian’s family came up with the idea of each member of the family picking out a movie they’d like to see and getting junk food they don’t normally eat and staying up as late as possible. I think it’s a great tradition so we have kept it in our family, too. This year, Brian has found 5 new movies. I am making homemade salsa (my version) and eggplant pizzas. We bought chips and I’m going to make a pumpkin roll (Brian’s new favorite dessert). Should be fun! What are your plans for the new year?

¡Feliz Navidad (atrasado) y Prospero Año Nuevo!

For those interested, here’s my version of quick salsa:

5 small tomatoes (chopped – keep the juice). 1 aji (hot) pepper (ribbed and diced very small). 1/4 red onion (diced very small). Mix together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Either grate in a fresh clove of garlic or use a splash of garlic powder. Dash of oregano. Let sit in the fridge for at least an hour, covered. The longer it sits, the more juice you get and the more the flavors blend together. Enjoy!