On the 4th…

So thankful today for…

  • Elena sleeping all the way through the night Monday – 9pm to 6:30am! Didn’t rouse once! (Makes up for last night, getting up at 2am going, “Mom? Mom?! Mom!”)
  • Watching Elena dance her tiny little heart out to some of the best worship music out there. Priceless.
  • Finally being allowed to talk about tentative future plans.
  • Being asked to do some writing for upcoming events.
  • Winter finally settling in. This pregnant body couldn’t take much more hot days!
  • Encouragement from friends, even if they don’t realize how much their words meant .
  • The fact that we’ll be eating burgers tonight.
  • My daughter’s crazy imagination and fun personality.

So, in case you’re dying of curiosity, here’s what I’ve had to keep under wraps for quite awhile:

We are considering the options of changing mission fields. Our board has asked us to consider a new field and Brian will be visiting there the beginning of August to see if this is really what God has for us or not. We’re very excited about the possibility, but nervous about what it all means, if it works out or even if it doesn’t. We can see God’s hand in this and we know He’s leading us on and that makes it very exciting. But, we’re moving slowly, in steps of faith, and trying to keep an open mind to what God may have for us in the next few months.

So, pray for us if you think of it! With a new baby, an international move is not #1 on my list of things I’d just love to do, but God has our best in mind. We’ll just see what happens!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th, no matter what part of the globe you’re on. We’re eating homemade burgers (with all the fixin’s), French fries, onion rings, and pasta salad. For dessert, I made a “chocolate” pie (I use the term loosely… didn’t have quite enough chocolate chips to make it legit, but I think it’ll be okay). Got my red, white, and blue earrings on. Dreaming of rodeos, fireworks, parades, and warm weather! 

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