We attended cultural training in 2008. We had this great group of people with us, all about the same age as us. We were basically the only ones who were not into The Office. They would have little Office viewing parties and it was the one activity we wouldn’t join in on. We had really only seen commercials and blips of The Office, but I was convinced that it was derogatory towards other people and not funny at all – “stupid and rude,” I believe my words were. But then one night, a couple of our friends asked if we would consider giving The Office a fair shot and actually watching a whole season all the way through before saying we really didn’t like it. We agreed to give it a shot. I remember I got the flu and was like dying one weekend and Brian was out in our tiny living room at cultural training – dying of laughter. He was laughing so hard, I finally dragged myself out of bed to see what in the WORLD he was laughing at. The Office. It took me a little longer to fall in love, but fall in love I did. 

We moved to Peru in March of ’09 and we didn’t have cable or TV for the first year, but we had our laptop! Towards the end of the year, we started taking our motorcycle to the market almost every weekend just to get away and see what the market had to offer. We found this little guy with a DVD stand and he had, of all things, seasons of The Office for sale! We invested. By the time we left Peru, we had seen every single episode enough times over for us to have them all basically memorized. 

Brian and I honeymooned in Niagara Falls and that made us connect that much more to Jim and Pam’s wedding. I was pregnant the same time as Pam, both times. We both had a girl and a boy, in that order. I couldn’t even watch the episode where she gave birth to CeCe because it hit home too hard and I would just sit and sob.  I hated that they fought so much in the last few episodes and yet, it felt real and honest. Relatable. 

We left Peru in December and we’re not returning. The Office ended last night. Two weeks ago, I found myself crying uncontrollably after an episode and I asked Brian WHY I was SO emotional and he said, “You know, I think it’s connected to Peru. We relate The Office to life in Peru. Both have ended. It’s just emotional, that’s all.” He’s so right. 

The finale was good. It wrapped up all the loose ends. Answered questions like why was Creed so incredibly strange. I wanted more with Michael Scott. I wanted to see Holly. I thought it would be a bit funnier. But overall, it ended well. 

Thanks, Office people. You gave us something we could truly relate to, laugh with, cry with, and grow old with. It was truly wonderful and we appreciate all the effort you put into it over the years. We will sure miss you all, though! Please come back for a reunion in a few years!