2017 is turning out to be the year where I quit simply talking about my goals and actually start doing them. My biggest supporter and ally is my husband who is constantly pushing me to do more, learn more, and quit waiting for that elusive “perfect time.”

In February, I attended the LIT Conference put on by Beth Moore in Houston, Texas. It was the best conference I have ever attended, hands down. Currently, I’m a children’s ministry director and I love it – but, I would love to do more work with women, too. This conference gave me the shove I needed to step out of my comfort zone and begin to do more.

I went to LIT with so many ideas jumbled in my head, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I left with a very clear vision of what I should be working on now. I have one big project in the works and at least two more in the planning stages. It’s really nice having a vision to run with, even if it ends up changing over time.

At a recent writer’s conference, I was advised to not delete this blog, but to revamp it instead and give it new life. Hence the new look and the more consolidated posts! This blog has been in existence since 2008, but so many things have changed and evolved since then, most of it is no longer applicable. What you see now is a much better vision of who I am today and what I want to write about.

This blog will be my space to share what God has been teaching me, tips on reaching children for Jesus, and my thoughts {for what they’re worth} on current events. I hope you join me as I dive into this journey that God has me on in this season of life. My promise to you is that I will actually write and not neglect this thing!

Here’s to new beginnings and all they may entail.