At the risk of sounding cliche, I literally cannot believe that two years has already passed! This little guy came into our world with a bang and hasn’t stopped since.

Describing my youngest is similar to describing a whirlwind: ever-changing, destructive, and leaves chaos in his wake. He is substantially louder than the other two… combined. It’s almost guaranteed that if he’s hollering like he’s broken a limb, he’s more than likely high-centered on something insurmountable on his little Lightening McQueen car. Like a shoe. The nice thing with him, though, is that once you show him once, maybe twice, how to fix a situation, he’s got the hang of it; very fast learner.

This guy is the only one of my three who has drawn on multiple surfaces and ripped more than one book. He has eaten more random things, including bugs and paper, than I could possibly recount. He’s massively destructive and even seems to enjoy following me around and pulling back out absolutely everything I just put away. He loves everyone’s shoes but his own. He would live outside if given the choice. He’s firmly attached to his “kankie” (blankie), puppy, and, oddly enough, his pillow. Anything truck, car, or ball is the best thing on earth. And no one loves him like his big sister. Except for maybe his big brother.


We named this little man after my father. Integrity is of extreme importance to my husband and I. We could think of no two men who are better examples of integrity than Joseph, son of Jacob (our firstborn son’s name) and my father, whose middle name is Lee, birthday boy’s middle name. Integrity does not mean everything goes well all the time, nor are you always vindicated here on this earth. Integrity does mean to be in right standing before God and does mean to do what is right, even when no one is watching. Our prayer for this little guy is that he grows up to be a man of Integrity, like his grandfather. 

Happy birthday, Bubba. You are endearingly sweet with your request for “Jesus” [Loves Me] every night, your need to cuddle with puppy blankie every morning, and your infectious laugh. I simply cannot imagine life without you and am so thankful God chose to put you in our family.