Who I Am


Married to my best friend 

Mommy of 3 – 1 girl & 2 boys

Missionary with BCM International – spent 4 years in Peru, now serving in Pennsylvania.

Children’s ministry director, Children’s Ministry Trainer, Writer, & Teacher Trainer for BCM

Redeemed ~ how I love to proclaim it!

Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you visited!

To read more specifically about our ministry, please visit here.


2 thoughts on “Who I Am”

  1. Hi Lisa! God is so cool!! I just finished listening to an online theology lecture about the Image of God and then I read your beautiful post. Thanks for sharing how your view of humanity and this world has changed after having lived in Peru. That is incredible. I was a missionary for two years in Europe and hope to go back in the future. This experience rocked my world and broke the box I had God in. Thanks for capturing your experience in words and descriptions of how amazingly unique God has created us to be. ~Krishana

    • Brian & Lisa said:

      I am so very happy you liked it – and understood where I was coming from! I was watching a FB live of a Ravi Zacharias event in Egypt last night and it just confirmed all of this, watching thousands of Egyptians worship God in Arabic with their own musical style – it was just beautiful. Our grasp of God is so very limited, even if we were to travel the world.

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